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The Heartcatch Mirage (ハートキャッチミラージュ Hātokyacchi Mirāju?) is a jewelry box-like item that was used by Cure Flower when she was active in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. It resides in the Pretty Cure Palace, in which the Pretty Cure to ask for it will have to face the Pretty Cure before them.HPC32


Not much is known about this item, though it is known to be extremely powerful and give the Pretty Cure a boost of power, the ability to transport directly to the Tree of Hearts, show one's Heart Flower, and part of Pretty Cure's Super Silhouette transformation, which requires a power up Heart Seed.

To gain its use, a Cure must overcome a personal challenge, causing one of the buttons matching her theme color to start glowing. It also comes with a pen-like object is used to press the buttons to use Heartcatch Orchestra.


A pink box with hot pink heart-shaped legs and interface pad. The mirror part is shaped like a heart, while the pad is circular. On top of the heart mirror is a gold ornament with a cyan heart-shaped gem on top of it. On the interface pad is a white circle in the middle with hearts and circles drawn on it. Four buttons surround the center, coming in each of the Cures Colors; pink, orange, blue, and white.


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