Singer(s) Writer Composer Arranger Time Appears in
Nakajima Tomoko
Aoki Kumiko
Satou Naoki
(佐藤 直紀)
Satou Naoki
(佐藤 直紀)
4:00 Futari wa Pretty Cure Vocal Album DUAL VOCAL WAVE!! ~With Your Whole Smile~
Pretty Cure 5th ANNIVERSARY Pretty Cure Vocal Box 1 ~Chapter of Light~
Futari wa Pretty Cure episode 21
Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart Vocal Album 2 ~Words of love that start with "A"~
Heart to Heart is an insert song used in the twenty first episode of Futari wa Pretty Cure when the Pretty Cure fight against Kiriya. This song plays as Nagisa says sentences related to the song's lyrics that describes Kiriya's conflict and feelings for Honoka. The song has been translated into some other languages such as: German, Spanish and Italian following said languages' dubs of the series, but when the episode aired in the English YTV dub, an instrumental version was used instead. The song is included in the first vocal album and the 5th anniversary CD. The song is composed by Sato Naoki.


whywhywhy kimi ni au tabi insupaia hāto
whywhywhy himitsu no doa ga aku no wa naze?
trytrytry mezamete shimau tamashii
trytrytry kioku mo kokoro mo tozasenai!

Tada damatte mitsumeta otagai no hitomi
twin soul datte kanjita isshun no sore ga chikara

heart to heart
Ten ni todoku hodo koe wo hariagete
heart to heart
Umarete kuru toki ni kimi no na wo yonda
Mō hitori no watashi dakara kimi to iu inochi

yesyesyes kimi to iru dake de understand
yesyesyes futari de hitotsu no yume ni naru
flyflyfly jikū wo tabi shita negai
flyflyfly ima koso kono basho de hana sake

Kono niji no sumika de itami ga kieteku
twin soul dakara wakatta kage ga sasaeteta hikari

heart to heart
Mune ga sakeru hodo kimi wo motometeta
heart to heart
Negai tsudzukete iru yume wo ikiru tame
Sore wa yami mo hikari sae mo koeteku sekai

heart to heart
Watashi ga naku tabi ni kimi wa kizutsuita
heart to heart
Betsu no michi ni itemo onaji sora no shita
Rinku shinai inochi nante nai kamo shirenai
heart to heart
Watashi ga yorokobu to kimi wa mitasareta
heart to heart
Fukai toko ni aru fushigina tsunagari
Sore wo hito wa ai to yonda umareru mae kara

whywhywhy キミに会うたびインスパイアハート
whywhywhy 秘密のドアが開くのは ナゼ?
trytrytry 目覚めてしまう tamashii
trytrytry 記憶も心も 閉ざせない!

ただ黙ってみつめた お互いの瞳
twin soulだって感じた 一瞬のそれがチカラ

heart to heart
天に届くほど 声を張り上げて
heart to heart
生まれてくる時に キミの名を呼んだ
もうひとりのワタシだから キミという生命

yesyesyes キミといるだけでunderstand
yesyesyes 2人で1つの夢になる
flyflyfly 時空を旅したnegai
flyflyfly 現在(いま)こそこの場所で華咲け

twin soul だから解った陰が支えてた光

heart to heart
胸が裂けるほど キミを求めてた
heart to heart
願い続けている 夢を生きるため
それは闇も光さえも 超えてく世界

heart to heart
ワタシが泣くたびに キミは傷ついた
heart to heart
リンクしない生命なんて 無いかもしれない
heart to heart
ワタシが喜ぶと キミは満たされた
heart to heart
それを人は愛と呼んだ 生まれる前から

whywhywhy why does meeting you always inspire my heart
whywhywhy why does the secret door even open?
trytrytry try to awaken my soul
trytrytry I can't hold in these memories and feelings!

We simply stared silently into each other's eyes
For just an instant I felt the power of the twin soul

heart to heart
Rising my voice so it can reach the heavens
heart to heart
I called out your name when I was born
There is another me which is the existence called "you"

yesyesyes it's only when I'm with you that I understand
yesyesyes our two dreams will become one
flyflyfly a wish that traveled through space and time
flyflyfly this is the time when it can bloom here

My grief disappears wherever this rainbow dwells
But this twin soul understands that the shadow was supporting the light

heart to heart
My chest is almost bursting as I search for you
heart to heart
To keep wishing is to keep our dream alive
This is the world that transcends darkness and light

heart to heart
Whenever I cry I end up hurting you
heart to heart
Even if we walk different paths we're under the same sky
Lives that are not linked might not exist
heart to heart
Whenever I was happy you were fulfilled
heart to heart
Our mysterious deep relationship
It is what people called love even before we were born


Futari wa Pretty Cure Vocal Album 1 Track07-104:01

Futari wa Pretty Cure Vocal Album 1 Track07-1

Original version

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max♡Heart Vocal Album 2 Track11-004:00

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max♡Heart Vocal Album 2 Track11-0

Karaoke version


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