The Heart Pot

The Heart Pot (ココロポット Kokoro Potto?) is a small container used for containing Heart Seeds. Chypre and Coffret say that when the Heart Pot is full, a miracle will happen, which will revive the Tree of Hearts. It first appears in episode 2 of Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. Heart Seeds can be taken out to be used for power-ups. Halfway full, the Heart Pot unleashes a golden light and Potpourri is born.

In episode 33, Tsukikage Yuri regains her power to transform into Pretty Cure. She uses the lid of the Heart Pot to transform into Cure Moonlight, and also while transforming, Yuri appears in its mirror.


A large glass pot with a thick band of gold around the middle. On top of it is a white shell-like compact with a gold plate on top of it that has designs etched onto it. For someone to drop a Heart Seed into it, they must open the flap on top and spin the dial to open the hole.


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