Happy Shower (ハッピーシャワー Happī Shawā?) (called Sparkle Storm in Glitter Force) is a basic finishing move that Cure Happy uses. To use it, Cure Happy needs to charge her Smile Pact with enough fighting spirit to make it glow and grant her power to perform the attack. This move requires plenty of energy to perform, making Cure Happy feel exhausted after using it.

Happy Shower is capable of successfully purifying Red and Yellow Nose Akanbe monsters, but does not work against more advanced Akanbes.

Happy Shower Shining (ハッピーシャワーシャイニング Happī Shawā Shainingu?) or Sparkle Storm Shining in Glitter Force is an upgraded version of Happy Shower. It is first used in episode 44. It also hurts Hyper Akanbe, unlike its predecesor.


Cure Happy first charges up her Smile Pact with fighting spirit, making it glow and granting her power. Cure Happy then uses both hands to draw a large pink heart in front of her, and concentrates the energy into a smaller heart. She then grabs the small heart with both hands, spins around and projects the energy at the enemy.

Happy Shower Shining

Cure Happy flies to sky surrounded by pink energy. She puts her hands to attack position, and sucks the Pink energy to her, forming a giant heart that grows up bigger and bigger. Then she shoots all the energy that is inside the heart, forming a giant pink burst of energy that attacks her enemy.


In episode 8, Cure Candy is shown to perform Happy Shower as well. The attack sequence remains the same, except that Cure Candy uses her ears instead of her hands to draw the large pink heart.

In episode 29, Cure Happy uses Happy Shower to force the Mole Akanbes out of their holes so she can whack them during her part of the game.

In episode 38, young Cure Happy performs Happy Shower.  However, she does not draw the heart and instead just launches the attack, which fails before it even hits the Akanbe.

In episode 39, Cure Happy in her Princess Form is able to perform Cinderella Happy Shower, however it is the same as Happy Shower Shining, when she puts her hands in a position to attack, then from it a blast comes attacking the enemy.



Cure Happy: プリキュアハッピーシャワー!


Cure Happy: Purikyua Happī Shawā!

Literal Translation

Cure Happy: Pretty Cure Happy Shower!

English Version

Glitter Lucky: Glitter Force Sparkle Storm!


  • To charge up the Smile Pact, Cure Happy usually screams out "kiai da!" (Fighting spirit!) multiple times. In the Glitter Force version, she chants, "Spirit, spirit, we've got spirit! Yes, we do! How about you?!" much like a cheerleader would but she does it mostly out of panic. 
  • The first time Cure Happy tried to use Happy Shower, she used the incantation "Happy! Happy! Happy Shower!", but the attack did not work as she did not have enough fighting spirit. Also she said the wrong incantation.
  • This is the fourth attack in the Pretty Cure franchise that utilizes the word "shower". The first is Cure Berry's Espoir Shower, the second was by Cure Blossom's Blossom Shower and the third one was by Cure Muse's Sparkling Shower. This word was later followed by Cure Diamond's Diamond Shower.
  • Cure Happy's upgraded attack is the second attack which has the word "shining" in it. First was Cure Lemonade's upgraded attack Lemonade Shining from Yes! Pretty Cure 5.
  • Interestingly Cure Happy's upgraded attack is less unique than Cure Beauty's upgraded attack Beauty Blizzard Arrow.
  • In episode 46 it is used by Bad End Happy but it was different as she made a heart with her hands and then a pink blast came, and it was more powerful.
  • In episode 39, Cure Happy performs another version of Happy Shower called Cindrella Happy Shower for the first time and the only time.




Happy Shower (Cure Happy) ~HD

Happy Shower (Cure Happy) ~HD

Happy Shower (Cure Candy) ~HD

Happy Shower (Cure Candy) ~HD

Happy Shower Shining (Cure Happy) ~HD

Happy Shower Shining (Cure Happy) ~HD