Happiness Hurricane (ハピネスハリケーン Hapinesu Harikēn?) is Cure Passion's attack in Fresh Pretty Cure!, and is based on her symbol of happiness. It was first used in episode 24.


Happiness hurricane

Cure Passion, using Happiness Hurricane!

Like Milky Rose's Metal Blizzard in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, Cure Passion summons her Passion Harp, then recites the first half of the incantation. She lights up the strings of the harp, then gives the harp a downward stroke. The double heart adornment lights up, and she summons a flurry of feathers as she recites the second half of the incantation. Declaring the attack, she begins spinning as a storm of energy hearts and angel feathers surround the opponent. Passion stops spinning and thrusts the harp upward, then centers it. As she spins the harp around, the enemy becomes purified in a red heart bubble with energy hearts surrounding the bubble.



Cure Passion: 歌え 幸せのラプソディ!パッションハープ
Cure Passion: 吹き荒れよ幸せの嵐!プリキュアハピネスハリケーン!


Cure Passion: Utae, shiawase no rapusodi! Passhon Hāpu!
Cure Passion: Fukiare yo, shiawase no arashi! Purikyua Hapinesu Harikēn!


Cure Passion: Sing, rhapsody of happiness! Passion Harp!
Cure Passion: Rage, storm of happiness! Pretty Cure Happiness Hurricane!




Precure Happiness Hurricane

Precure Happiness Hurricane

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