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Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!
(Hapinesu Chāji Purikyua!)
DirectorNagamine Tetsuya
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebruary 2, 2014
PredecessorDoki Doki! Pretty Cure
Opening SongHappiness Charge Pretty Cure! WOW!
Ending SongPretty Cure Memory

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! (ハピネスチャージプリキュア! Hapinesu Chāji Purikyua!?), is a Japanese magical girl anime series produced by Toei Animation and the eleventh installment in Izumi Todo's Pretty Cure franchise. It is stated to air on February 2nd, 2014, succeeding Doki Doki! Pretty Cure on its initial time slot. The season celebrates the franchise's 10th anniversary, having been ten years since Futari wa Pretty Cure.[1] The series' themes are mirrors, fashion, dance and desserts. Alongside Nagamine Tetsuya as its director, it will have Narita Yoshimi as its head writer.


Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! was first announced on by Toei in the Japan Patent Office for a variety of goods on October 2 and made public on October 24. In an issue of Nikkan Sports' Pretty Cure Shimbun newspaper, Doki Doki! Pretty Cures Producer, Hiroaki Shibata, confirmed the series after confirming Doki Doki! Pretty Cures 49 episode run and will air in the beginning of February 2014.[2] A posting for Nintendo 3DS merchandise on Amazon revealed designs for the two main heroines, Cure Lovely and Cure Princess.[3]

In January 3, 2014, Megumi Nakajima of Macross Frontier fame announced she will voice the series' main character, Aino Megumi. She stated that Pretty Cure was something she has adored for a long time, so it was like a dream to be allowed to star in it herself.[4][5][6] It is the first time she took another lead anime role after announcing her indefinite hiatus from her music career at the end of March 2014.[7] A day later, the first commercial for the series was aired in the end of DokiDoki Pretty Cure!, showcasing Cure Lovely and Cure Princess's transformations.[8]


All around the world, Pretty Cures have been fighting against the invasion of the enemy known as Saiark! Shirayuki Hime, the princess of Blue Sky Kingdom is in fact a Pretty Cure, but unable to defeat the enemy alone, she is fallen behind the others and is in a quite a terrible situation.Then, on her quest to find a partner, she meets Aino Megumi (Cure Lovely) and they begin to battle the enemy together.Having learned that assembling all PreCards, you can get any one wish fulfilled, the team up with the fairy Ribbon to protect the world peace, transform, dress up and form change as they fight! With the dress-up theme beloved by girls, a completely different Pretty Cure story begins!



  • Aino Megumi (愛乃 めぐみ Aino Megumi?) / Cure Lovely (キュアラブリー Kyua Raburī?)
    • The protagonist whose redeeming features are her happy-go-lucky attitude and smile. When people who feel troubled or depressed want to be left alone, she unintentionally meddles in their issues. Though she is awkward/tactless, and her attempts at helping others often end in failure, she thoroughly looks to the positive and is skilled at seeing the good in people. She has an interest in cute fashion, but her fashion sense is not exactly the best. Her standard signature color is pink, and she can change into two alternate forms, the red "Cherry Flamenco" (チェリーフラメンコ Cherī Furamenko?) and the yellow "Lollipop Hip Hop" (ロリポップヒップホップ Roripoppu Hippu Hoppu?). She is represented by hearts.
  • Shirayuki Hime (白雪 ひめ Shirayuki Hime?)Cure Princess (キュアプリンセス Kyua Purinsesu?)
    • The princess of the Blue Sky Kingdom, a rather selfish and spoiled fashion victim. To save the Blue Sky Kingdom from being totally ruled by the evil organization of the Phantom Kingdom, she becomes a Pretty Cure, except she is easily scared and will immediately try to escape from in the middle of fights. Because of her shyness, she never had friends until meeting Megumi. Her standard signature color is light blue, and she can change into two alternate forms, the dark blue "Sherbet Ballet" (シャーベットバレエ Shābetto Baree?) and the green "Macadamia Hula Dance" (マカダミアフラダンス Makadamia Fura Dansu?).  She is represented by Circles, the Moon, the Sun and Feathers.
  • Omori Yuko (大森 ゆうこ Ōmori Yūko?) / Cure Honey (キュアハニー Kyua Hanī?)
    • Megumi’s friend and classmate. She has this snugly and fluffy atmosphere about her, so she has a soothing personality that calms her surrounding. Her home is a lunch store, so she loves eating and making food. Her standard signature color is yellow, and she can change into the blue and red Popcorn Cheer (ポップコーンチアー Poppukōn Chiā?) and Coconut Samba (ココナッツ サンバ Kokonattsu Sanba?). She is represented by clovers.
  • Hikawa Iona (氷川いおな Hikawa Iona?) / Cure Fortune (キュアフォーチュン Kyua Fōchun?)
    • A mysterious Cure who helps the weak and has a strong sense of justice and a gentleness when she consoles people. Her parents disappeared around the time Saiarks started appearing. With her sense of duty as a Cure and her excellent fighting skills, she goes on her own to bring down the Saiark one by one. Her standard signature color is purple. She is represented by stars.


  • Ribbon (リボン Ribon?)
    • Hime’s mediator, as well as Cure Lovely and Cure Princess’s fairy partner. Despite her cute appearance, she is silver-tongued and much more gutsy than Hime.
  • Glasan (ぐらさん Gurasan?)
    • Cure Fortune's fairy partner.
  • Blue (ブルー Burū?)
    • The spiritual being of Earth who endows the heroines with the power of Pretty Cure.

The Phantom Empire

  • Queen Mirage (クイーン・ミラージュ Kuīn Mirāju?)
    • The ruler of the Phantom Empire. She like to see people fell into despair and sorrow. She has butterfly wings and using a staff as a weapon.
  • Deep Mirror (ディープミラー Dīpumirā?)
    • Queen Mirage's adviser. He is a mirror with an unknown figure inside the mirror and show an object for her.
  • Namakeruda (ナマケルダ Namakeruda?)
    • The first general of the Phantom Empire. He has grasshopper antennae on his hat and holding a cane. He is intelligent but a bit lazy.
  • Hosshiwa (ホッシーワ Hosshīwa?)
    • The second general of the Phantom Empire. A lady wearing a pink dress and a hat with the apple as a symbol and holds an umbrella. She is very selfish and demanding and desires everything.
  • Oresky (オレスキー Oresukī?)
    • The third general of the Phantom Empire. A man wearing the military uniform with glasses as a symbol. He appears to be the strongest of the three and very strict.
  • Saiarks (サイアーク Saiāku?)
    • The monster of this series. They wear sunglasses and scarves, with the color of the scarves depending on which general summoned it. They were created when the general traps the victim within a mirror to turn their happiness energy into sadness. Their names means worst.
  • Queen Mirage Assistant (クイーン・ミラージュアシスタント Kuīn Mirāju Ashisutanto?)
    • She is Queen Mirage's assistant. She is always seen standing with her.
  • Choiarks (チョイアーク Choiāku?)
    • A group of numerous underlings who work for the Phantom Empire. They don't speak proper words and they speak 'choi'. Their names means little or kind of bad.


  • Sagara Seiji (相楽 誠司 Sagara Seiji?)
    • A 14 year old boy, who lives next door to Megumi. Megumi and Seiji have been friends since kids, and Seiji understands Megumi's weak and good points. Seiji loves martial arts and diligently trains everyday at a karate dojo. Although he's popular with girls, he has no interest in a relationship and wants to focus on his training.
  • Sagara Mao (相楽 真央 Sagara Mao?)
    • Seiji's younger sister.
  • Aino Kaori (愛乃 かおり Aino Kaori?)
    • Megumi's mother.
  • Sagara Hiroko (相楽 寬子 Sagara Hiroko?)
    • Seiji and Mao's mother. She often drives trucks in other counties and has little time with her children, who often have dinner with the Aino's.
  • Other Cures: In episode 8, it was revealed that there are other Pretty Cures battling Saiarks in different regions of the world, including North America (two cowgirls and an Indian), India and France (a maid or a painter).


  • PreChanMirror (プリチェンミラー PuriChenMirā?)
    • The Cures' transformation item. Its name is short for "Pretty Change Mirror".
  • LovePreBrace (ラブプリブレス RabuPuriBuresu?)
    • Cure Lovely, Cure Princess and Cure Fortune's main attack item.
  • Triple Dance Honey Baton (トリプルダンスハニーバトン Toripuru Dansu Hanī Baton?)
    • Cure Honey's main attack item. It has three modes: Baton, Ribbon and Maracas.
  • PreCards (プリカード PuriKādo?)
    • The season's main collectible items, which the Cures use to transform and change forms. If happiness wells up within the fairies Ribbon and Glasan, Ribbon and Glasan's nose gets ticklish and a card is formed. When all of them are gathered, any wish can be granted.


  • This is the second Pretty Cure series to have changing forms, preceded by Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, as well both series also use cards as their transformation item.
  • This is the fourth series to have its heroines transform through cards.
  • This is the first series since Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! where the Cures do not wear chokers or any form of neckwear while they are in their regular Cure forms, and also the second since GoGo! had the Cures wear vests in their transformed state.
  • This is the fourth series to have bracelets as attack weapons.
  • The series is similar to Heartcatch Pretty Cure!
    • Both have four main Cures with the same color schemes (pink - Lovely and Blossom, blue - Princess and Marine, yellow - Honey and Sunshine, and purple - Fortune and Moonlight);
    • Both have yellow Cures that use different attack items (Sunshine uses the Shiny Tambourine rather than a Flower Tact, and Honey uses the Triple Dance Honey Baton rather than the LovePreBrace)
    • Lovely and Blossom both have similar hair styles along with Princess and Sunshine.
    • Both have Cures that gained their powers prior to the beginning of the story (Princess, Fortune and Moonlight)
    • Both series have a fashion theme.
    • Both series are directed by Nagamine Tetsuya
    • Both have mook characters (Snackeys and Choiarks)
    • Both series' main characters are voiced by Japanese idols. (Cure Blossom/Tsubomi was voiced by Mizuki Nana, Cure Lovely/Megumi was voiced by Nakajima Megumi)
    • The way the items that they receive are produced from the fairies in similar processes in the human body (HeartCatch's fairies pooped the Heart Seeds, and Happiness Charge has the fairies sneeze out the PreCards).
    • Both series' first ending themes mention fashion in them.
    • Both have main Cures who run a store (Erika runs Fairy Drop, Yuko runs a bento house)
    • Itsuki and Yuko have similar hairstyles.
    • Both series' have Cures to wear undergarments before their Cure vestements (HeartCatch's Cures are wearing frocks, while Happiness Charge's Cures wear strapless tops and miniskirts).
      • Some fans hoped that Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! would be the sequel of Heartcatch Pretty Cure! because first letters were the same, despite Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! being confirmed to be the last sequel.
  • This is the first Pretty Cure series to have Cures fighting in different countries, as well as the second canon source to have Pretty Cures be well-known among civilians through news broadcasts, following Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi.
  • This is the second series, after Yes! Pretty Cure 5, to have a female lead villain.
  • Despite all the Happiness Charge Pretty Cures appearing in the opening, only Cure Lovely and Cure Princess appear in the ending.
  • This is the second series where in transformation the hair forms before clothes, after Doki Doki Pretty Cure, however this is the first series where the hair forms before saying the transformation phrase.
  • This is the first series where the Cures can actually fly without any upgrades.
  • This is the fifth series that the Cures all the same age(14), after Futari wa Pretty Cure, Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, Fresh Pretty Cure! and Smile Pretty Cure!.
  • This is the first season where someone other than the lead Cure's transformation is shown first.  Hime's sequence is shown before Megumi receives her powers.
  • Happiness Charge Pretty Cure is similar to Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Smile! Pretty Cure, since both series has the theme of wish granting when specific items are collected (Pinkies in Yes! Pretty Cure 5, Cure Decors in Smile Pretty Cure and PreCards in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure)
  • The design of PreCards are somewhat similar to the Rider Cards from Kamen Rider Decade (coincidentally also a 10th anniversary season), both have a barcode on the side and a magenta border. Both are also used to access forms and powers of the main protagonist's abilities.
    • The PreChanMirror also "stutters" the new forms name just like the Decadriver when Decade transforms.
  • This is the first season that all of the cures wear black.
  • This is the second series where all the Cures have ponytails and twintails, after Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.
  • This is the first season that utitizes disguises for the protagonists to allow them to do different things.
  • This is the first season that has only one eyecatch.
  • If Cure Princess represents the Sun and the Moon, and Cure Fortune represents stars, then this could vaguely mean that they are the symbols of the Major Arcana cards.
  • This is the first season where CG effects are used in attacks or in the anime itself.
  • This is the first season where the changing form can only last after the attack has been launched.
  • The Phantom Empire are based on the characters from fables.
  • This is the first series to introduce Pretty Cures from different countries (USA, France and India).
  • Till now, the amount of Cures from episode 1 to 10 (adding Pretty Cures from different worlds) is 10, making it the first season to have an extraordinary amount of Cures. (This hints that the 10 Cures may possibly unit together to defeat the final villain in the series)


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  2. Confirmed that Doki Doki! Pretty Cure will run for 49 episodes
  3. Cure Lovely and Cure Princess revealed
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