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Hanasaki Futaba
花咲 双葉 Hanasaki Futaba
SeasonHeartcatch Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorMagenta
Hair ColorDark magenta
Home PlaceKibougahana
RelativesHanasaki Mizuki (mother), Hanasaki Youichi (father), Hanasaki Kaoruko (grandmother), Hanasaki Sora (grandfather, deceased),

Hanasaki Tsubomi (older sister)

First AppearanceHPC49

Hanasaki Futaba (花咲双葉 Hanasaki Futaba?) is Tsubomi's baby sister who appeared in the final episode of Heartcatch Pretty Cure!.



Futaba resembles Tsubomi and her mother. She has rose pink hair that bares resemblence to Cure Blossom's style, having similiar pointed bangs that frame her face with a few loose strands, and a puffy bun on her head held by a lilac bow decorated with a star.


In episode 43, Mizuki was sent to the hospital. Youichi and Tsubomi were worried about her and ran to the hospital. When they see Mizuki and Kaoruko, Mizuki announced that she is pregnant shocking Youichi and Tsubomi. Tsubomi asked if it was a boy or girl. Her mom doesn't know but told Tsubomi she is going to be an older sister making Tsubomi happy. Mizuki is staying in the hospital until her new child arrives.

Futaba is born sometime before the final episode of the season, in which she is shown as a month-old baby, as Erika pokes her cheek before she and Tsubomi head to school.


Hanasaki (?): Hana (?) means "flower" while saki (?) means "bloom". Together, Hanasaki stands for "blooming flower".

Futaba (双葉?) means "bud" or "sprout".


  • She was the last character to appear in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!.
  • Many suspect that she might be the little girl admiring the photograph of the Cures in the final scene, due to them sharing a hair decoration. Whether this is true or not is still up in the air; though she is holding a Heart Perfume at the end, foreshadowing that she may follow in her sister's footsteps as a Pretty Cure.



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