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HUGtto! Pretty Cure♡Futari wa Pretty Cure: All Stars Memories (映画HUGっとプリキュア♡ふたりはプリキュア オールスターズメモリーズ?) is the 25th Pretty Cure movie, as well as the 11th All Stars movie produced by Toei Animation. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the franchise, the HUGtto! Pretty Cure team join forces with the Futari wa Pretty Cure team, with the other previous teams also appearing in the movie. The movie will be released in theaters on October 27th, 2018. The theme of the movie will be "memories".


We refuse to hand over everyone's precious memories!!
Wh・wh・what! Pretty Cure All Stars has suddenly gotten a lot smaller! And the reason for this is because Miden is aiming to steal the "Pretty Cure's Memories"! Once their memories are stolen, it seems they'll forget everything they've ever been through!? And all that remains is "HUGtto! Pretty Cure" and "Futari wa Pretty Cure" who trouble!? I just can't wrap my head around all this! So with our power combined, let's go take back those shining precious memories!!




Movie Exclusive Characters

  • Miden - The main villain of the movie


  • This is the first crossover movie that will premiere in the Fall.
  • All 55 Cures will have speaking roles.
  • Despite claiming that all of the Pretty Cures will be returning, Cure Echo is noticeably absent, possibly due to her appearing in the first and third New Stage movies rather than any of the Pretty Cure seasons.
  • The Miracle Light for this movie will be called "Miracle❤️Memories Light".


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