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A New Family Member! I'm Going to Be A Sister! (あたらしい家族!私、お姉さんになります!! Atarashī Kazoku! Watashi, Onee-san ni Nari Masu!!?) is the 43rd episode for the season Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and also the 335th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Tsubomi learns she will be a big sister and attempts to help the family shop in the mean time. But when she meets a young girl depressed over gaining a little sister as well, she tries to help her feel better.


The episode starts with Tsubomi and her father hurrying to the hospital, where Tsubomi's mom is. She got sick and is hospitalized - but to their surprise, she reveals to them that she is pregnant and Tsubomi will become an older sister.

She goes home with them and Tsubomi helps her dad to move things and her friends come along and say that they were worried because she left school so early. She tells the news before Tsubomi's dad drives her mom to his parents' house to inform them of the news. In the mean time Tsubomi will handle the store. Later, she cooks a meal that doesn't look good, but her dad says it is delicious.


Erika, Itsuki, and Yuri come to help

The next morning, the others show up to lend Tsubomi help. As they work a customer asks for a wedding bouquet. Tsubomi is a bit worried since it's her mom who usually makes the bouquets for weddings, but her father voices confidence in her, so she attempts to make a special bouquet that pleases everyone so she needed to ask for a few details.

However, a girl named Kasumi came with her grandma to order a bouquet and is unhappy.


Kasumi feeling unhappy

Tsubomi has difficulties thinking of the idea for the bouquet so she calls her mom. She explains that their parents were against the wedding at first but when they had two children, the parents finally accept and are holding a ceremony for them. After talking, Tsubomi decides to ask for Kasumi's opinion.

She goes to her and sees her playing outside. She says her parents are busy with the store and with her little sister. She felt that after her little sister was born, her parents forgot about her. Tsubomi asks her to help with the bouquet and bring happiness to everyone, including her sister. Kasumi runs away where Kumojacky finds her. He transforms her into a Desertrian, in which see the Desertrian and transforms into Cure Blossom and starts fighting the Desertrian. She almost talks Kasumi out of the fury but Kumojacky uses his Dark Bracelet, in which he almost defeats Blossom but the other Cures come to the rescue.

Together they use Heartcatch Orchestra to defeat the Desertrian. Kumojacky tries fighting but the Cures are stronger. They defeat the Desertrian and return Kasumi's Heart Flower.

Kasumi accepts her sister and asks for Tsubomi to help her with the bouquet making in which Tsubomi says that Kasumi is her senpai in being onee-chan. Together the girls make the bouquet and Tsubomi calls her mom to tell her everything.

Major Events

  • Tsubomi's mother is pregnant and will be having a daughter.





Secondary Characters


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