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Confused Yuri! A Love Letter is Found... (とまどいのゆりさん!ラブレター見ちゃいました・・・ Tomadoi no Yuri-san! Rabu Retā Michaimashita...?) is the 42nd episode for the season Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, and also the 334th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls find a love letter one day and realize its from a young boy Yuri used to play with when she was younger.


This episode starts with Dark Cure opening her eyes, which are now both yellow.

Meanwhile, Yuri and the others are watering flowers at the greenhouse. Suddenly, they see a person looking at them from outside. The person, noticing them watching, gets scared and runs away. The four girls go out and see a letter on the ground. They pick it up and realize that it's a love letter. The girls try guessing who this is for when Potpourri opens it and starts reading it. It says that the person loved someone for a long time. It can't be Tsubomi since she transferred to Kibougahana only last spring, Itsuki is quite popular but with girls only, Erika thinks maybe it's her but Tsubomi says that maybe it's Yuri. Yuri excuses herself and leaves.

The remaining girls go out and see a boy looking for something on a grass. It was revealed that the boy, Hayato, was the one who wrote the love letter. Wondering who was it for, Erika asks if it's for her but Hayato tells them that he has no interest in childish girls. Itsuki wonders if it's for her, much to Hayato's surprise. Tsubomi tells him that Itsuki is a girl, much to Hayato's relief, who thought that she was Yuri-neechan's boyfriend.

The girls questioned what he like about Yuri and Hayato asks why is she so cheered up. The Cures couldn't tell him about their secret and he tells them how after her father disappeared, Yuri was always sad and he couldn't do anything about that because he was a kid. But now he will protect Yuri's smile. Erika tells him that he is a real man.


Tsubomi and Erika confused

They decide to organize him a chance to give Yuri his love letter. They tell Yuri at school that they're organizing a strategy meeting against the Desert Apostles.

Yuri comes to the spot they were supposed to meet and sees Hayato in which they start talking about the past. The fairies are listening to them in the sky while the girls were hiding in nearby bushes. Hayato asks what is Yuri up to and why is she happier now. Yuri couldn't tell and Hayato asks if it's because he's a kid. Yuri thanks him for being with her since she had no siblings and Hayato is like a little brother to her. Hayato gets angry and runs away.


Sunshine uses Sunflower Aegis

Cobraja sees his wilting Heart Flower and makes him into a love letter Desertrian. Yuri transforms into Cure Moonlight and fights against the Desertrian and it threw a huge letter at Moonlight. Sunshine comes with the other Cures and uses her Sunflower Aegis to protect Moonlight. Chypre reveals to the Cures that Hayato is the victim. Cobraja uses his Dark Bracelet to power-up the Desertrian.

After fighting, the Cures turned into their Super Silhouette form and purify the Desertrian with Heartcatch Orchestra. They weakened Cobraja and are about to attack him when Dark Cure comes and saves him. They teleport away together.

Later, the girls return Hayato his Heart Flower and he gives Yuri his love letter. Yuri doesn't know what to say but Hayato tells her that it's fine and he just wanted her to know his feelings.





Secondary Characters


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