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Erika's in a Pinch! The Marine Tact Is Stolen!! (えりかピンチ!マリンタクトが奪われました!! Erika Pinchi! Marin Takuto ga Ubawaremashita!!?) is the 39th episode for the season Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and also the 331th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


When Coffret realizes he doesn't know what Erika thinks about him as her partner, he is upset to see her abuse her powers and gets angry with her. Upset when he realizes how much better everyone else is with their partner, he steals her Marine Tact.



Erika grabbing Coffret

The fairies are happy that the Cures have gained their Super Silhouette forms and decide to thank their partners for their hard work. Coffret attempts to try to determine how to please Erika when she yanks him into the bedroom suddenly and asks him to change form. She turns into Cure Marine but to his confusion he doesn't see anything for her to fight.

Marine summons her Tact and reveals that she actually only planned to use it to clean her room. This stuns Coffret for a second before he starts to yell at her for abusing her powers. He tells her to clean her room the normal way, but Marine tells him to do it for her and changes back to normal before falling asleep. When the Tact falls to the floor, Coffret grabs it and storms off to visit Chypre. He finds her working with Tsubomi to plant some flower bulbs and Tsubomi is grateful for the help. Coffret realizes that even if he helped Erika she wouldn't thank him.

He leaves and meets Itsuki who is going to one of the martial arts

Itsuki talking with Coffret

championships. Potpourri comes out of the bag and starts cheering on Itsuki, who seems to be grateful for her support and Coffret takes off to find Yuri at the Greenhouse, observing the Heart Pot. She says stored within it are important memories of Cologne, causing him to realize that Yuri still loves him - even if he's gone now.

As he flies off, he happens to spot Kaoruko with Coupe, then takes off before Kaoruko can say anything or notice him. He doesn't go ignored by Rumi and Haruka however, so he lets them play with the Flower Tact for a bit and the girls give it back, realizing how important it is.

Nothing is happening...

Nothing is happening...

Meanwhile, the Snackies are training alone but Sasorina doesn't appreciate them trying, saying they're not needed and they will always fail. Upset, the gang go to battle the Cures and take the Marine Tact from Haruka before they could give it back.

Coffret tries getting the Flower Tact back, but the Snackies surround him and the girls. They are about to attack him when Erika comes to rescue and transforms into Cure Marine. Since there were only Snackies today, Marine thought she'll be fine by herself however, when she attacked them, the Snackies were stubborn and jumped on her, catching her and Coffret.

Blossom saves Haruka and Rumi

Blossom saves Haruka and Rumi

They even take Haruka and Rumi as hostages. Then Cure Blossom comes to rescue.

The Snackey boss tries using the Marine Tact to attack but the Flower Tact can only be used by the Cures. Marine and Coffret are still fighting but when the Snackey hurts Coffret, Marine gets angry and she grabs Coffret and her Flower Tact and uses Blue Forte Wave on them. She purifies one Snackey from grey to white while the others escaped.

Coffret sits on Erika's arms

Coffret sits on Erika's arms

After the battle, Haruka and Rumi thank Cure Blossom for saving them and scold Marine for fighting with Coffret and not protecting her Flower Tact.

As they leave,

Coffret asks Erika if she wants to do something. Erika says that she wants her room to be clean and her homework to be done and also buy some fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories. But she was just kidding and right now she's fine with just Coffret being by her side. However her room was even messier than before, since she was looking for the Flower Tact all over the place.





Secondary Characters


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