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Everyone's the Main Character! It's Our Stage!! (みんなが主役!私達のステージです!! Minna ga Shuyaku! Watashi -Tachi no Stage desu!!?) is the 36th episode for the season Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and also the 328th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


As the girls prepare for the fashion show, Tsubomi is unable to get over her nerves. Meanwhile, they find that Aya and Mayu, from the Light Music Club is too frightened to go out on stage to sing.



Erika and Itsuki get fired up

It's finally festival time and the fashion club is almost done with their preparations but Tsubomi is really nervous in which Erika and the others try calming her down.

Later, Tsubomi and Erika are working in the cafe when both of their families come. They closed the shops and came to watch the fashion show. Itsuki also comes to talk with the girls about their fashion show and sees her own family in the cafe, even her grandfather came.

They go outside for a bit and Itsuki tells them that they're going last after the Light Music Club. They go back inside to see the stage and it was very big which impressed the fairies. Itsuki mentions that usually the Light Music Club is going last and Tsubomi and Erika felt that they need to apologize to them.


Itsuki enters the Light Music club

They go to the Light Music Club and saw the boys kneeling before the girls asking them something.

The girls refuse and and run away, much to the surprise of Tsubomi and the others. The boys tell them that their main vocals, Aya and Mayu, decided not to participate in today's festival. Since Kurumi Momoka is participating in the fashion show, there will be a lot of people and the girls got scared. Erika and the others apologized for this and for taking their place. The boys weren't mad so Tsubomi and others went to go find Aya and Mayu.

Aya and Mayu hesitated to sing

Aya and Mayu hesitate to sing

The girls comfort Aya and Mayu, saying everyone is supporting them. Tsubomi says she's also scared going on stage but Erika and the others are there for her. They brought Aya and Mayu to the stage right when the Light Music Club is about to perform. The girls go near the mics but they couldn't sing.

Then Cobraja comes and steals the spotlight and his song, however, wasn't appreciated in which he turns Aya and Mayu's Heart Flowers into a Desertrian. Yuri comes and the four girls transform into their Pretty Cure forms and fight against the Desertrian and Cobraja uses his Dark Bracelet to upgrade the Desertrian. After fighting the powered-up Desertrian, the three Cures finish it off with Shining Fortissimo.

Aya and Mayu wake up at the nurse's office when it's the Fashion Club's turn to do their fashion show. Due to the commotion, they ran out of time but Erika suggests for them to still perform in which the fashion show started with Light Music Club performing live music. The girls modeled their clothes (Itsuki wearing a dress too) while the Light Music Club sang HEART GOES ON. The fashion show was a success.

Major Events

  • The Myoudou Academy Cultural Festival is held; the Fashion Club shares it's performance with the school's Light Music Club.





Secondary Characters



HeartCatch PreCure Heart goes on

HeartCatch PreCure Heart goes on

The song sung by the Light Music Club


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