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Exciting School Fair! Chaotic Fashion Club! (ワクワク学園祭!ファッション部はバタバタです!! Wakuwaku gakuen-sai! Fashion-bu wa batabata desu!!?) is the 35th episode for the season Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and also the 327th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


With the School Festival approaching, everything is in a chaotic mess trying to finish. But trouble arises in the Fashion Club with Itsuki being too busy and Yuri is nowhere to be found.


As everyone is preparing for the festival, Yuri makes her way home after school.

In the Fashion Club, everyone is getting worked up - worried they won't finish. Tsubomi hurries to finish Yuri's clothing while Erika bosses everyone around and causes them to worry further. Itsuki is too busy with Student Council business to be there at the time, being in an executive committee meeting. Tsubomi is sure the first event will go well though and uses these thoughts to raise their spirits.

With two days left, Tsubomi goes out to search for Yuri to try the clothes on. She goes to the High School division but Momoka says that Yuri left to go home already and that she might still be in the Junior High division. Tsubomi goes to look for her but Ban Kenji asks her to model for his manga. He also comments how similar she looks to Cure Blossom. After finishing, she goes to search for Yuri again, but Tada Kanae catches her and asks to help with the what the theme of the picture should be in which Tsubomi suggests that they should be the preparations for the festival.

Meanwhile, Erika is looking for her notebook and sees two girls who will be working in a cafe. They say that their uniforms don't look good enough and Erika tells them how to make it fit with the cafe.

Meanwhile, Itsuki is busy with her student council work. She has to stamp some papers when the vice-president calls her out. Potpourri wants to help her and starts stamping papers on random places, messing everything. When Itsuki returns, she is surprised, but thanks Potpourri for the help. Itsuki is finally free but couldn't find Yuri anywhere. She bumps into a guy from the Movie Research Club who was in a hurry too. Since Tsubomi couldn't find Yuri today, she says she will tomorrow and at night, Erika is dreaming about the Fashion Show.

The next day, Yuri goes home early again but Momoka asks her to try her clothes on saying that if they fit her, they will fit Yuri too. They finish almost everything but they still need to make signs and poster. They think they might not make it but Ban Kenji and Tada Kanae come and the girls asked them a favor. Tadokoro Azusa passes by too, so the girls ask her to be the MC in which she accepts but they needed someone to do the lighting.

Meanwhile, Kumojacky transforms the guy from the Movie Research Club into a Desertrian. Itsuki goes to tell everyone to run away through the broadcasting system. Tsubomi and Erika try to transform but nobody would leave them alone. Yuri who is alone, transforms into Cure Moonlight to hold the Desertrian at bay since it wants to destroy festival but when Moonlight is about to talk it out of doing that, Kumojacky activated his Dark Bracelet.

Kenji, Azusa and Kanae go to take a closer look at Moonlight but a gust of dust flew at them. Tsubomi tells someone to bring Kanae to the nurse's office.  

Meanwhile, Moonlight uses Silver Forte Wave to purify the Desertrian and the girls return his Heart Flower back to where it belongs. The guy tells the girls that he wants to present the movie at tomorrow's festival. Erika then remembered, that they don't have anyone to do the lighting. The guy they saved tells them that he can do it since he still has time.

The girls return to the fashion club and find Yuri wearing their clothes and see that really suit her. Yuri also revealed that she was going home early every day was to look for shoes that fit. Now everything was ready for tomorrow's festival.

Major Events

  • The Myoudou Academy completes its preparations for the school Cultural Festival.





Secondary Characters



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