Cure Moonlight is Finally Reborn! (キュアムーンライト、ついに復活ですっ!! Kyua Mūnraito, Tsui ni Fukatsu desu!!?) is the 33rd episode for the season Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and also the 325th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls learn Yuri's mysterious past as a Pretty Cure and what led to the destruction of her time as a Cure.



Yuri upset because she cannot transform again.

Yuri stands by herself on a bridge as she thinks about the others saying she cannot become a Pretty Cure again, due to iit being impossible for her to transform now that her Heart Flower was broken. Meanwhile, Tsubomi, Erika and Itsuki were with Kaoruko trying to find out more about Yuri. She explains how Yuri became a Cure after her father disappeared in France searching for the Heart Tree. Cologne chose Yuri to become a Pretty Cure and she overcame her sadness by turning into Cure Moonlight to fight against the Dessert Messengers.

Cologne dies as he protects Cure Moonlight.

After more talking, Chypre and Coffret take a moment to explain to them Cologne, saying he was very kind but because he wasn't there for Moonlight - she was unable to stand and got defeated by Dark Cure. Sabaku had also been there and killed Cologne after he attempted to attack Moonlight and he took the hit for her.

The girls feel sad upon hearing this story but Erika gets up and suggests they work on cheering Yuri up. Tsubomi and Itsuki agree and they attempt to make something for Yuri. As Kaoruko watches she happens to see a brand new light shining from Coupe, revealing that a new item has appeared. Kaoruko then asks Chypre to get Yuri and the Heartcatch Mirage.

Meanwhile, Dark Cure goes to Sabaku to show him Yuri's Heart Flower.

Yuri arrives at the Garden to see the Heartcatch Mirage and Cologne. She notes that his body is different but suddenly, Dark Cure arrives with Yuri's other half of her Heart Flower. Yuri feels to the Heart Tree and the others transform to fight her off.


Yuri seeing the Heart Pot.

Meanwhile, Yuri was looking for Cologne and he shows up. Yuri attempts to touch him but he was only a ghost, so she stands back. He tells Yuri to ask the Heart Tree to change her back into a Pretty Cure. However, she is afraid and hesitates, only for a heart to appear nearby, allowing her to see what was going on with the other girls. She watches them struggle, and worries for the girls and feel sad as they continue to force and push themselves to do better.

Cure Moonlight is reborn.

With her new resolve, Yuri asks the Heart Tree to allow her to become a Pretty Cure again so that she can help them.

Just before Dark Cure can finish off the other three, Yuri suddenly shows up. She uses her half of the Heart Seed and transforms, causing it to entirely reform into a single, full Heart Seed again. She changes into Cure Moonlight and announces her plans to fight Dark Cure for everyone's sake.

Major Events

  • The spirit of Cologne, Yuri's former fairy partner, reveals himself to her once again.
  • Using her broken Heart Seed and the Heart Pot as well as a better understanding of what she is fighting for, Yuri becomes Cure Moonlight once again.





Secondary Character


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