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Showdown with the Handsome Man? No One Told Me That! (イケメンさんと対決?そんなの聞いてないです~!! Ikemen-san to Taiketsu? Sonna no Kitenai desu!!?) is the 32nd episode for the season Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and also the 324th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The episode starts off with the Cures fighting against the Snackeys, but Dune attacks, reverting the Cures back into their shiny dresses and wilting the Heart Tree. It is revealed to be only Kaoruko's dream. Later the girls tell Kaoruko that they faced a new Desertrian and barely won.

The fairies remember that Kaoruko had awesome powers as Cure Flower and ask to make the Cures stronger but Kaoruko tells them that they're too weak for the Heartcatch Mirage. She tells them that 50 years ago, she faced Dune and as a last resort she used the Heartcatch Mirage. The battle ended in a tie but because of using too much power, she can't transform into Cure Flower anymore. When the girls ask where is the Heartcatch Mirage now, Yuri comes in and says that it's in the Pretty Cure Palace.

Kaoruko looking down to the Cures

Kaoruko looks at the Cures

Kaoruko agrees to take them there and the girls go inside and transform. They start towards the Pretty Cure Palace and see the Heart Tree coming towards them. Yuri says that it comes to watch over the warriors who want to get the Heartcatch Mirage. She remembers that time when Dark Cure met her and Yuri lost to her. The she feels that somebody else is in there. They see Kaoruko standing there and she says that she'll be the one to test them. Neither Kaoruko or Tsubomi wanted to fight each other so Kaoruko tells the guy who always saves them to do it.

The Cures ready to do a finishing move

The Cures ready to do a finishing move

The Cures fight him and were losing at first but they read his movements and finally in the end defeated him with Shining Fortissimo. The guy was revealed to actually be Coupe, Kaoruko's fairy. Yuri says that he takes the form of the one Kaoruko loves the most since he is her partner after all. Kaoruko tells the fours girls (Yuri included) to put their hands over hers and the seed she used to unlock the palace changed shape as a proof of them passing the test. Then the will of the past Cures revealed a magical chair-like object. It was the Heartcatch Mirage. The girls thought that maybe the Heartcatch Mirage may help Yuri to become a Cure again since it has a lot of possibilities.

Major Events

  • The three HeartCatch Cures enter the Pretty Cure Palace for the first time and pass the test to gain the HeartCatch Mirage.
  • The mystery man that had been assisting the Cures is revealed to be Coupe using the image of Kaoruko's deceased husband.





Secondary Characters


  • It turns out the handsome man was Coupe all along.


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