Cure Sunshine is Born!! (キュアサンシャイン誕生です!! Kyua Sanshain Tanjō desu!!?) is the 23rd episode for the season Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and also the 315th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Filled with curiousity, Tsubomi and Erika follow Itsuki as she attempts to help her brother deal with his upcoming surgery. But in this time, a new Cure is born!


After Myoudouin Itsuki finds Potpourri as a doll, Potpourri wakes up Tsubomi that night and wants to see Itsuki as a Pretty Cure.


Tsubomi and Erika following Itsuki

Potpourri became more impetuous to see Itsuki as Chypre and Coffret calm him down.

Itsuki visits the hospital when Tsubomi and Erika spy upon what was happening. She wants to take care of her brother, Satsuki, but he seems unresponsive and doesn't want to deal with anything at the time. 

The next day Itsuki returns and freaks out after spotting Potpourri, who came to find her. She is quick to calm down after noticing her brothers alarm and finds out that Satsuki is afraid of what will happen after the eventual successful operation, and fears the changes that will happen to him and his life.


Itsuki receiving her transformation item: Shiny Perfume


Potpourri protecting Itsuki

Sasorina catches this fear through his wilting Heart Flower, and decides to steal it and fuse it with his wheelchair to make a Desertrian.

Itsuki, Tsubomi, and Erika found out that Satsuki was missing, but revealed that he is taken by Sasorina. The Pretty Cure try to fight it but it easily overtakes them. Itsuki is surprised when Potpourri protects her and she picks her up, realizing that they both wished to protect someone they treasure. This realization causes the Shiny Perfume to form and Itsuki uses it to transform with the help of Potpourri. As she observes the sunlight sky she catches the attention of Blossom and Marine, who are happy to see her. An angry Sasorina enviously comments on how eye-catching the new Cure is and demands the Desertrian hurry up to defeat it.

Quickly the new Cure beats the Desertrian up and stands her ground with ease, even able to float onto the water with no struggle before forcing it onto the ground when it leaps at her. She jumps away as the girls remark on her strength, then she uses a shield to blast the desertrian into the ground.

She thinks about her brother for a moment and realizes that like the sun, she wishes to warmly protect everyone and everything. She then reveals her name: Cure Sunshine.

Major Events

  • Potpourri reveals it let itself be "adopted" by Itsuki on purpose thinking she may be a potential Cure.
  • Myoudouin Satsuki decides to undertake surgery to help himself heal; but has doubts approaching the operation.
  • Myoudouin Itsuki receives the Shiny Perfume and transforms into Cure Sunshine for the first time.





Secondary Characters


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