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Tsuini Mitsukemashita!!
San'ninme no Purikyua!!
Heartcatch Pretty Cure! episode 22
"Finally Found! The Third Pretty Cure!"
Air date July 11, 2010
Episode Guide
Opening Alright! Heartcatch Pretty Cure!
Ending Heartcatch☆Paradise!
Directed by Komura Toshiaki
Hiroshima Hideki
Written by Yonemura Shoji
Animated by Ito Tomoko

Finally Found! The Third Pretty Cure! (ついに見つけました!!3人目のプリキュア!! Tsuini Mitsukemashita!! Hitome no Purikyua!!?) is the 22nd episode for the season Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and also the 314th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls believe Aya, the leader of the Gardening Club may be the third Cure while they attempt to help her feel better over her supposed terrible luck with flowers. But unknowingly they may be closer to the third Cure than they think.


After the girls spot some yellow flowers have begun to wilt, Tsubomi decides to pay the Gardening Club a visit later. They meet Aya, the nervous president of the club who adores flowers, but did not take proper care of them. Aya starts to run away but trips over a dirt-filled wheelbarrow. The dirt spills the flowers and Aya panics, but Tsubomi helps her while she is told by the others not to cry. Tsubomi apologizes for not being there the day before but Aya is quick to start crying. In hopes of cheering her up Erika points out that Kaoruko is Tsubomi's grandmother and Aya asks to meet her.

Potpourri felt impetuous about being the fairy without the third Pretty Cure when the girls suddenly show up. Aya greets herself frantically, but mistakes Kaoruko for Coupe. She explains her concerns, and Kaoruko tells her that al she needs is love and patience, and maybe somea bit of self-confidence.

The next day, Aya receives a message from Itsuki that the Student Council needs some green curtains (layers of leaves that can cover some parts of the building). Aya and the other members (including Erika) create them but a typhoon suddenly begins to blow.

Meanwhile, Kumojacky creates a deathblow called the Typhoon Punch and the Snackeys were blown away by it.

The next day, the school was closed because of the typhoon, but Tsubomi and Erika rushed to help protect the green curtains, with Aya and the others helping protect them. Aya notices that a part of the curtains is wilting and blames herself. Aya runs away and Itsuki came, worried about the green curtains too. Kumojaki steals Aya's Heart Flower, and turns her into a cucumber Desertrian. Tsubomi and Erika transform to Cure Blossom and Cure Marine.

After the fight, Marine purifies the Desertrian with Blue Forte Wave while Blossom was fighting Kumojacky. He uses his Typhoon Punch while Tsubomi uses Blossom Screw Punch. The two attacks tie and Kumojacky retreats. Blossom returns Aya's Heart Flower and before they can de-transform, Itsuki comes. The Cures tell her that Aya just got tired from working so hard. Itsuki notices Potpourri on the ground and hugs it, thinking it's just a cute plushie. Potpourri feels something about her. Then the typhoon stopped and the sun came out. When Aya woke up, Tsubomi and Erika told her the plant will be fine and it hadn't wilted completely so it'll get better. Aya determines to not get too emotional and have patience.

Major Events

  • Mizushima Aya, the leader of the Gardening Club, is introduced; under the assumption by Tsubomi that she could be the third Cure.
  • Itsuki "adopts" Potpourri, believing it to be merely another cute doll.





Secondary Characters


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