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Saikyō Densetsu! Banchō Tōjō, Yoroshiku Desu!!
Heartcatch Pretty Cure! episode 18
Tsubomi & erika are shocked
"The Greatest Legend! Pleasure To Meet You, Big Boss!!"
Air date June 6, 2010
Episode Guide
Opening Alright! Heartcatch Pretty Cure!
Ending Heartcatch☆Paradise!
Written by Yonemura Shoji
Animated by Kawamura Toshie

The Greatest Legend! Pleasure To Meet You, Big Boss!! (最強伝説!番長登場、ヨロシクです!! Saikyō Densetsu! Banchō Tōjō, Yoroshiku Desu!!?) is the 18th episode for the season Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and also the 310th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Tsubomi and Erika befriend the legendary delinquent boss, Ban Kenji and learn there is a lot more to him than anyone thinks.


Ban Kenji purposely slams the door, causing everyone to laugh until he glares. Very frantic, everyone panic except for a clueless Tsubomi. Seeing this, a shocked Erika informs her that he is a "legendary delinquent", and a scary leader.

Curious to learn more they pay his mother a visit while Ban sneaks past his mother and hides into the bushes into Erika spots him. He panics by this and incidentally startles Erika when he makes his usualy response with his left eye. Frightened the girls run away from him until Tsubomi trips on the stairs, causing them to stop and help her.

After snapping out of their daze, Kenji reveals the truth he was trying to keep secret: He makes shoujo manga staring Pretty Cure. This surprises the girls, and he explains that Cure Blossom plays the role of a love cupid while Marine accidentally fell in love with him. But he hasn't finished the manga yet, so the girls offer to lend him a hand.

At his house, Kenji tutors the girls how to draw the manga, but his
Ep18 manga withoutsubs
mother and Kurumi Sakura came to the house. Tsubomi, Erika, and Kenji start hiding the drawings and bring their studying materials out. The mothers pay them a visit to see what is going on when Sakura opens the curtains and happens to spy the drawings. He confesses to his mother that he enjoys drawing manga, then runs off, feeling as though she won't be accepting of it.
Pretty Cure Manga withoutsubs

Pretty Cure Manga?

Kumojaki spies that he was going to read Kenji's manga, but was terrified when he saw that Pretty was in the manga. He steals Kenji's Heart Flower. Pretty Cure begin to rescue Kenji turning himself into an ink Desertrian. They use Floral Power Fortissimo to rescue him shortly after, and Kenji makes the decision to follow his dream of becoming a Manga Artist.

Major Events

  • Tsubomi and Erika visits at Ban's house.
  • Ban and the girls worked on his shoujo manga.





Secondary Characters


  • Kumojaki was shown at the library, thus the girls and Kenji did not see him.
  • There are a few references to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure in this episode. For example, when Erika's talking about the bosses, Ban is pictured as Joseph Joestar.


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