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Scout Sareta Otousan!
Ohanayasan wo Yamechaimasu!?
Heartcatch Pretty Cure! episode 09
"My Dad was Scouted! He'll Stop Being a Florist?!"
Air date April 4, 2010
Episode Guide
Opening Alright! Heartcatch Pretty Cure!
Ending Heartcatch☆Paradise!
Animated by Kojima Shou

My Dad was Scouted! He'll Stop Being a Florist?! (スカウトされたお父さん!お花屋さんをやめちゃいます!? Scout Sareta Otousan! Ohanayasan wo Yamechaimasu!? ?) is the 9th episode of Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, and also the 301st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Tsubomi fears that her parents will become too busy for her again after a former student of her Fathers comes by and asks him to transfer work to a big company he runs.



How Tsubomi's parents met.

A young man named Obata comes by to speak to Youichi to discuss with him about a new job offer regarding his company, which works with flowers. Tsubomi and Erika overhear this and when Obata makes this request, Tsubomi starts to freak out. Erika is curious and suddenly asks how her parents met, so Tsubomi recalls the story she was told. They were both at the Garden, with her fatherr being a Professor and her mother was searching for a specific flower. They bumped into each other and it was practically love at first sight. When Chypre and Coffret begin to act out the story, Erika shows annoyance by them. That evening while they eat, Tsubomi is too distracted with her concerns. She worries her parents will accept the offer and asks them if they decided. They claim that they weren't planning on it, which calms her down for the time being

Erika stats talking to Obata.


The next morning Erika and Tsubomi run into Obata again. They start to chat and Obata asks her if she knows why her dad turned down his offer again. Tsubomi doesn't really seem to know though, and they head to the garden while discussing flowers. Once more Obata attempts to determine why his offer keeps being rejected, but suddenly Kaoruko appears and beggins to discuss the past; knowing the truth behind Youichi's rejection.


Young Tsubomi with Kaoruko saying goodbye to her parents.

She recalls a time when Tsubomi was younger. Her parents would leave her with Kaoruko for years and years. Tsubomi never really understood why this was until she began to grow older and started to realize how much she missed them. Once when they had been planning on leaving, they saw her break down into tears and realized how much they had been incidentally hurting Tsubomi by leaving so often. So they changed their work so that they could do it at home, or at least closer in distance so that Tsubomi didn't need to feel so lonely anymore.

Having heard this story, Tsubomi apologizes to Obata for being the cause of this, and he soon takes off. While he seems to be understanding, he is disappointed. Suddenly, Cobraja shows up and notices the wilt of his Heart Flower, so he takes it and summons a Desertrian using Obata's cellphone to represent how busy he is.

As Erika and Tsubomi leave the garden they hear a strange sound and realize its a Desertian. They turn into Pretty Cure and begin fighting it, but because of the bad music he throws at them they find it hard to focus and stand up to it. They listen as the Desertrian painfully tells Obata's feelings, on how he's dreamed of seeing new flowers and was hoping to learn to make them - but he feared telling his company out of concern he would be fired. 

Tsubomi with her parents.

After hearing that, the Cures gain power and put up a fight before unleashing Floral Power Fortissimo to restore the Heart Flower and Obata. Cobraja takes off and the girls return Obata to normal.

Obata attempts one final time to speak to Youichi, but he refuses again, saying his family is too important. However he offers him some good tips so that he can do better with work while being honest with his feelings, and everyone feels much better. As this goes on, Chypre gains a Heart Seed.

Major Events





Secondary Characters


  • It is speculated that Tsubomi's explanation about sunflowers growing in summer time is a foreshadowing for Cure Sunshine's appearance, as it is believed that the third Cure's flower theme is sunflowers.


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