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Kyohi Sareta Ramen!
Oyako no Kizuna Naoshimasu!
Heartcatch Pretty Cure! episode 5
Desertarian 5-ramen
"Rejected Ramen! The Family Bond is Reconcilied!"
Air date March 7, 2010
Episode Guide
Opening Alright! Heartcatch Pretty Cure!
Ending Heartcatch☆Paradise!
Animated by Okuyama Mika
Rejected Ramen! The Family Bond is Reconcilied! (拒否されたラーメン!親子の絆なおします! Kyohi Sareta Ramen! Oyako no Kizuna Naoshimasu!?) is the 5th episode for the season Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and also the 297th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Tsubomi and Erika try to figure out why Akira is being so hostile towards them and his father once the second Miura Ramen Shop is opened. Meanwhile, a new, handsome enemy appears.


Erika is excited to see that a house in the neighborhood will be transforming into the Miura Ramen Shop, because its her favorite. When they meet Akira, he coldly tells the girls not to bother showing up for the opening, which surprises Erika since he was so proud of their original shop opening. His change in attitude is really strange.
Heartcatch Pretty Cure! episode 05- Cobraja or Kobraj?

Cobraja's image was shown.

As it turns out, Akira believes his father no longer cares for him or his personal goals - because he's been so focused on his ramen work lately. Unknowingly, his Heart Flower has began to wilt. Which makes him an easy target for a strange man named Cobraja, who decided to skip work to take pictures of himself. He reveals the Heart Flower is wilting and steals it quickly after and changes it into a ramen-themed Desertrian.

The girls transform into Pretty Cure when they realize it and Cobraja introduces himself to them before throwing pictures at the girls. This annoys them as the Desertrian prepares to attack the raman shop, but to everyone's surprise, it suddenly stops and begins to sob instead; showing them the pain that Akira has been suffering. In order to heal him, Pretty Cure uses Floral Power Fortissimo. Cobraja remarks on this before storming off, and the girls save Akira's Heart Flower and wake him up.

Akira is surprised when his dad suddenly asks him to play baseball and he agrees, cheering him up considerably. His father admits that cheering him on at a baseball game is also his dream for the future.

Major Events





Secondary Characters

The Episode's Hanakotoba

Salvia was meant as familial love (or bringing love for a familiy).


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