The Pretty Cure Combination Dissolves that Fast? (早くもプリキュアコンビ解散ですか? Hayaku mo Purikyua Konbi Kaisan Desu Ka??) is the 4th episode for the season Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and also the 296th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. The episode focuses on Pretty Cure's friendship, why Tsubomi became Cure Blossom and the introduction of Kumojaki.


Tsubomi fears that she may be holding Erika back as a Cure, realizing how much better at it she appears to be. As this is going on they find a similar situation occuring at school.



Kumojacky excuse himself to defeat Pretty Cure after the battle.

People are running from a Desertrian while a man with red hair is smiling down at the scenery. Pretty Cure are seen running toward the monster, Cure Marine saying that they should do a combination kick. However, Cure Blossom trips, and the distraction causes Cure Marine to be hit by the Desertrian. Recovering, Cure Blossom summons the Blossom Tact, but before she can use Pink Forte Wave, she sees a little boy unable to move from the monster, and thus she runs over to him to help. However, the Desertrian knocks the Blossom Tact away from her, and as it is about to attack them, Cure Marine steps in and uses Marine Impact to distract ot long enough to use Blue Forte Wave. Both the boy and Cure Blossom are impressed, though when the boy admits that Cure Blossom was not as cool, Chypre and Coffret appears and tell her to find the Blossom Tact. The red-haired man then appears to them with the Flower Tact, giving it back as a "present". Introducing himself as Kumojaki, he leaves claiming that Pretty Cure are still the weakest Pretty Cure even after Cure Marine joined.

The morning after, Tsubomi feels down for causing Erika trouble. Erika then calls her from the other house, wishing her a good morning. After Tsubomi and Chypre return it, Erika tells them to do their best, and Tsubomi agrees with hesitation, but then decides that she has to cheer up.

At the Desert Apostles' homebase, Sasorina is reporting Cure Marine's appearance to Sabaku. Although she states that Cure Marine is stronger than Cure Blossom, Kumojaki appears and states that they are still weak, and asks to fight them once again, as previously it was only to observe how strong they were.

Meanwhile, at Myoudou Academy, Tsubomi observes as she realizes just how courageful, strong-willed, strong and popular Erika is, feeling that she is not worth being her partner.
HCPC04 (2)

Tsubomi after thinking negatively about Erika's advice.

At lunch, Erika asks Tsubomi to come over at Fairy Drop after school, as there is something she wants to try. When they arrive, Erika explains that they should try to practice some activities in the fashion club, including finding clothes to use. Tsubomi suggests black and gray, which makes Erika, who is studying color therapy, aware that Tsubomi is feeling down. She tries to cheer her up by taking her on a run, where they witness Kumazawa Ayumi leave Ogasawara Mao, saying that she wants to practice alone for a while. Not knowing of Tsubomi's dilemma, Erika tells Mao that she is much stronger than Ayumi and should look for a better partner, making Tsubomi think that Erika will abandon her and look for a better partner in Pretty Cure. Erika's statement also makes Mao angry, and Tsubomi leaves, saying goodbye to Erika without explaining what she is talking about. Chypre and Coffret watch them, worried that the Pretty Cure duo is disbanding so quickly.

Later, Tsubomi goes to Coupe and asks him why she became Pretty Cure when all she is, is nothing more than a burden for both Erika and Cure Marine. Kaoruko appears to comfort her, and tells her that an important thing about being a Pretty Cure is to have a strong-will and be full of love - which Tsubomi posesses both of.

Meanwhile, Mao is busy training in order to become stronger, in hopes that she will be strong enough to avoid holding Ayumi back. Suddenly, Kumojaki appears and steals her Heart Flower.

Tsubomi quickly locates Erika and the Desetrian finds them. Coffret reveals that her heart flower was stolen and the girls transform into Pretty Cure. After, they quickly attack it while it painfully voices its sadness over being abandoned. Before they can land a hit, they suddenly trip and Marine takes a hit for Blossom. Blossom apologizes f
HCPC04 (3)

Cure Marine comforts Cure Blossom.

or always dragging Marine down but she claims this isn't true and stops the Desertrian before it can hit them. As they try to hold it off Tsubomi suggest she's too useless to be of any help. Marine understands her feelings and scolds her for not telling her this sooner, then she claims neither of them are bad, and she cares about Blossom - even if she has trouble. They need both of their powers to defeat their enemies and need to realize that.
HCPC04 (4)

Cure Blossom and Cure Marine doing Floral Power Fortissimo for the first time.

Suddenly the girls shove the Desertrian away and reconcile, with Marine saying she only wants Blossom as her partner. When Kumojaki accuses it of being nothing more than garbage, Blossom chastises him for these words and the Desertrian resumes its attack. Chypre and Coffret suggest they combine their attacks so with nothing left to lose the girls do just then to release Precure Floral Power Fortissimo. They defeat the Desertrian and regain the Heart Flower as Kumojaki takes off. They combine the two spheres together and Mao returns, so the girls drop her off with Ayumi at the Tennis Court.

Mao awakens there to find Ayumi holding her with concern. She takes a moment to realize where she was, then begs Ayumi not to leave her. Ayumi is confused and questions her words, since she felt this way as well. This confuses Mao, but she feels better knowing that Ayumi didn't hate her like she was so worried about. Ayumi confesses that she feels the same way, and they realize they weren't trusting each other enough. They agree to keep going with their partnership and friendship and reconcile while Tsubomi explains what the Star Flower means to Erika, when suddenly Coffret feels something and gains a new Heart Seed. They pop it into the Pot and head home as the day slowly concludes. Erika concludes that their friendship had strengthened today, and she asks Nozomi to confirm that this means they're best friends now.

Major Events





Secondary Characters


The Blue Star Flower owned by Mao means "Trusting Heart". By having trust between friends, their bond with strengthen.



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