Iona's Big Shock! Cure Tender's Journey! (いおな大ショック!キュアテンダーの旅立ち! Iona Dai Shokku! Kyua Tendā no Tabidachi!?) is the 39th episode of the season Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! and is the 525th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


After freeing Maria, the sisters share their past with the Cures before Maria comes to the decision to leave for America, so that she can be with their parents and fight off the Phantom Empire from there.


Maria joins the girls as they watch television footage of her Cure form, Cure Tender, fighting four Saiarks with ease using Tender Rising Starburst. They admire her and embrace her until Iona gets annoyed and pushes them away, stating that her sister needs to rest. Yuko calms down the frustrated Hime with some honey candy, while Maria happily notes that it was nice of Iona to gain friends like them. Iona is excited about her joining the team- but Maria is unsure.

Maria telling Blue her plan for the future

Maria telling Blue her plan for the future

Back at the Cross Mirror Room, Maria joins Blue, who was watching as Saiarks kept appearing in different parts of the world. She tells him that she will not join the Happiness Charge team because they were powerful enough without her, and that she wanted to help Cures all over the world. She also tells him that she is heading to the U.S. to see her parents.

The Cures, except Hime, take a walk and Maria tells Iona what she told Blue about going to America and is not joining them, which shocked everyone. Iona protests, but Maria says she has not seen their parents in years and asks Glasan to take care of Iona. However, Iona leaves for home first, upset with what they were told.

Young Iona practicing karate with Maria

The young Hikawa sisters practicing their karate

Back at the Hikawa Dojo, Maria has a flashback of her and Iona practicing karate, but Iona interrupts it. In full karate dress, she gives Maria a uniform, ordering her to fight her. If Iona won, Maria has to stay and fight alongside the other Cures. Once Maria gets in her uniform, she says if she wins, Iona would have to give her a 30-minute massage. Iona was angry at first because Maria wasn't being serious, but they settle on the condition anyway and they duel, with Maria beating Iona easily. However, she says Iona has gotten stronger.
Iona massaging Maria

Iona massaging Maria

Iona keeps her promise and massages Maria, which she had done many times before. Maria said she would love to relax once she arrives in America, but she knows that more than likely wouldn't happen because of the Phantom Empire attacking, and Phantom sending more Cures in the Pretty Cure Graveyard, and she has to stop him. She then falls asleep.
Maria leaving Pikari's peace to Iona

Maria leaving Pikarigaoka's peace to Iona

The next morning, Maria and Iona were walking toward the airport as they look around Pikarigaoka and Maria reminds Iona to keep protecting it. Just as they are about to say goodbye, the environment around them turns into sweets, which meant Hosshiwa has appeared. She was enjoying some tea as her Kung Fu Saiark prepared to attack.

Iona leaves to go and fight it, transforming into Cure Fortune and vowing to protect the peace of the city. Fortune immediately fought the Saiark and was able to incapacitate it for a short while before the Choiarks started their attack. She uses her Anmitsu Komachi form to defeat them, but the Saiark started to overpower Fortune by shooting energy balls from its fists.

The other Cures arrived to stop it, which angered Hosshiwa. The Saiark continued to attack and they struggled with it until they noticed that its eyes stopped glowing once it finished its attack. Now knowing that, they changed into their Innocent Forms and weakened it before using Innocent Purification to destroy it. Hosshiwa was briefly affected by the attack, but she snaps herself out of it and teleports away. Iona de-transforms and meets up with Maria, who was still waiting. She saw them fighting and was amazed by them, she leaves Iona in Glasan's care, she told Maria not to worry. She then tells Iona that with her friends by her side, they can overcome anything, which makes Iona smile as Maria left. 

Iona with the Fortune Tambourine

Iona holds her tambourine

Back at the embassy, Yuko brought over some food for everyone to eat. Hime, who still didn't know that Maria was leaving, was surprised to hear about her moving to America and thought Iona was going to also, but she said she wasn't because she was part of the team. They then all swore to protect the peace of the city as they began to train hard to become as strong as Cure Tender, with Iona coaching them. As she looks to the sky, she sees an airplane, presumably the one Maria is on, and observes it.

Major Events

  • Cure Tender is seen using Tender Rising Starburst for the first time.
  • Maria leaves to go to the North America.
  • Iona and Maria's parents were mentioned for the first time.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Tender is seen purifying many Saiarks. Much like how Cure Honey had done in episode 21.
  • As of this episode, no more movie previews are shown.
  • It is revealed that Iona and Maria were born in America.


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