What I Want to Become! Megumi's Innocent Search! (わたしもなりたい!めぐみのイノセントさがし!! Watashi mo Naritai! Megumi no Inosento Sagashi!?) is the 33rd episode of the season Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! and is also the 519th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


In hopes of gaining her Innocent Form, Megumi attempts to force it by acting extra kind to others. In this time she learns that something special can't be forced.


Megumi wanted to learn more about Innocent Form. She asks Iona to teach her how to awaken it but she admits not to know how it even works. Blue warns her that it will awaken in due time if she takes care of something important, but this causes Megumi to assume she has to help everyone in order to get it.

At the bridge, she meets a student named Mami, who designed a rocket but it failed to launch, so, Megumi decides to help redesign it to let it launch into outer space. Mami brings Megumi into her room, which is full of tools for making rockets so she helps out. When Mami asks Megumi for the screwdriver she doesn't know which one it is so Mami took it. When she left for the break, Megumi washed Mami's coat, but her grandfather tells Megumi that Mami always wanted to keep it dirty until she completed the rocket. Megumi apologizes to Mami for this but it doesn't appease anything.

Back at her home, Seiji advised Megumi that she is being a nuisance.

Outside the Phantom Empire, Oresky is training the Choiarks as exercise to beat the Cures and he said that he himself will deal with them.

Megumi used the patisserie PreCards to make cookies that resemble a rocket and the other Cures look at her cookies. Hime and Yuko ate the cookies and while they enjoyed them, Iona refused to take one. Mami just finished the rocket and is about to launch it when her grandfather forgot the wire. While he left to go get it, Oresky appears in front of her and tells her that her dream is unimportant and turns her into a rocket Saiark. Megumi saw them and transform.

Lovely arrived to stop them, but Oresky ordered the Choiarks to attack her but she easily defeated them with Lovely Punch and Lovely Restriction. After she finished them all off, he ordered the Saiark to attack her. It fired a bunch of missiles at her, and one of them knocked her out of the sky. However, she will not stop until Mami carried out her dream. Just as the Saiark almost finish her, the others arrived in time and Fortune used her Innocent Form. Oresky was confused about the existence of the Innocent Form as he never seen it before. Fortune performed Emerald Illusion to trap it before they defeat it with Happiness Big Bang.

Mami was successfully able to launch the rocket into outer space and her dream has been realized. Megumi thought this will awaken her Innocent Form, but she realizes it didn't work.

Major Events


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Muse says the anniversary message at the beginning.
  • Oresky appears to be unaware of the existence of the Innocent Form after Fortune changed into hers.
  • No major events occur in this episode.


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