Super Nervous! Iona and Hime's First Shopping Trip Together! ( 超キンチョー!いおなとひめ、はじめてのおつかい! Chō Kinchō! Iona to Hime, Hajimete no Otsukai!?) is the 23rd episode of the season Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! and is also the 509th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Hime and Iona go out shopping in hopes of strenghtening their bond and increase the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure own power.


Picking up from the previous episode, Queen Mirage appears before a defeated Phantom and the Cures. She fires a powerful blast of dark energy from her staff when Blue intervenes. He and Megumi speak of love, happiness and courage to get her to stop, but she was clearly agitated from hearing of such emotions. She attacks again, causing the mirror to crack, but Blue teleports everybody to the Cross Mirror Room before the attack made a connection. Back at the Phantom Empire, Mirage slaps Phantom and scolds him for battling the Cures without her permission, but she spares his life for the time being.

Everyone returns to the Embassy, where Iona gives Blue her sisters transformation device and it is explained what happened. Blue does not sound surprised, but Glasan feels horrible for keeping it such a secret for so long. She explains that she did it because she couldn't bare to face Blue afterwards and admit what happened. He claims it to be fine because she worked hard anyway, so Megumi takes another chance to ask Iona if she wishes to join them.

Once again she passes and says that she is concerned that she would ruin their teamwork, and she believes Hime feels the same way. But Ribbon thinks they should hold off on such serious talk for now by saying they should hold a small party for the fully formed team. Megumi is all for it, as is Yuko. Iona doesn't want them to put them out but they insist on it anyway and change into Patisseries with the PreCards. Megumi plans to make a special fruit cake until Yuko points out they're out of fruit. Ribbon also points out that they were so occupied lately they didn't have the time to go and shop. They can't really do much else at the time, so someone will have to go shopping.

In the other room, things remain tense with Iona and Hime. Both are avoiding each other until Ribbon begins to call for her, so that she can run to the store with her. Glasan then volunteers both herself and Iona by saying it wouldn't be fair of them to enjoy the party if they didn't do any work. Iona agrees and they are told of the items needed for the party. Iona then asks Hime to come with her since she will need help carrying all of the time.

During the walk over, Hime is very apprehensive since everything feels awkward. She has no idea what to say, so she silently frets as Iona takes notice. She then asks Hime why she goes by Shirayuki Hime, anyway, instead of her full name. Hime explains that her full name is way too long and she loves Snow White, so she gave herself an alias name here. With that they continue to walk. Hime attempts to speak to Iona, but it fails, so in hopes of starting something Ribbon asks what kind of person Cure Tender was. Glasan answers that she was the best Pretty Cure ever. She had a strong heart and did what she could to help others, and even when not a Pretty Cure she was smart, fashionable, and everything else. For a moment Iona lightens up, but she is quick to snap out of it as she recalls they need to get to the store.

Inside, the girls scan the shop. Hime explains that she often comes there for her shopping but Iona thinks they should head to the Supermarket she usually goes to instead since it's having a big sale. They can get bargains there, which will save a lot of money. With the coupons she has on hand, they are able to stock up on a lot more items then they would have been able to at the other shop, and soon everything is finished.

As the girls and fairy leave, Hime stops abruptly when she sees a package of candy with Pretty Cure on it. Iona tells her that she doesn't need it, so she shouldn't waste the money. Hime thinks it is fine though since Iona was able to save them so much money, but Iona intimidates Hime into backing off until she is accused of being a scrooge, which causes her to get angry and claim she is being smart by only purchasing what she needs and is careful enough to always have money on hand. But Hime insults her by claiming that to be boring, so eventually Iona gives in by only allows her one Pretty Cure snack since she wants it so much. She tells her not to tell the other girls though.

At the Phantom Empire, an annoyed Hosshiwa watches as she notices all of the crystals littering the land. She is very angry about it and believes filling the world with snacks is much better.

Outside Hime enjoys the snacks and got excited when she is given the special, rare card of the Bomber Girls Cures. But Iona changes the subject by asking her what caused her to open Axia to begin with. At first Hime is a little surprised, but she sits down and begins to explain that it was a tradition to pray to Axia. But one day a voice was heard from within it, one pleading to be let out. It sounded sad and she thought she was saving it. But it was only a trick, and the world was put into it's despair by the Phantom Empire.

Iona then asks why Hime never told her sooner, but she claims she tried to and after thinking about it Iona realizes she never wanted to listen to her in the past, making her run away from Hime. She realizes that all she did was blame her because she thought she was the only one suffering from this. She never realized how much pain Hime was in due to this, and Glasan suggests that since she has already apologized, all they could do as let bygones be bygones. Iona agrees but before she can return, they see the work of Hosshiwa nearby as things begin to change into cakes and other sweets.

After transforming, Fortune heads over to where Hosshiwa, the Choiarks, and the Saiark are and a fight begins. She uses her Fortune Star Burst to separate the Choiarks and send everything flying, but they continue to fight against her. Glasan suggests she performs another Starburst attack but before she can, a mysterious Choiark, really a tiny Saiark manages to catch her off guard. Glasan mentions this desire situation, but Princess suddenly intervenes with her Princess Bomber. She lands before Fortune and Ribbon apologizes for keeping them. Princess and Fortune exchange a few words before Princess transforms into Macadamia Hula and use her special ability to cause all of the Choiarks to dance with her. Then, Fortune uses her own form changing card to become Pine Arabian and use Oriental Dream on everyone before using her Fortune Tambourine for her Starlight Ascension ability. Which rids of all the Choiarks and Saiarks and changes everything back to normal.

Hosshiwa snaps out of the sleep Oriental Dream put her into before claiming she hadn't been sleeping before running away. Fortune thanks Princess for saving her back there and the girls share a moment of congratulations before Lovely and Honey arrived to help out until Princess informs them that they came too late.

As the four walk back, Hime and Iona explain what happened before Hime asks Iona to call her by that name also. At first Iona hesitates, but when Hime addresses her by that name she agrees to it. Megumi then hands Iona the Cure Line that Blue wished for her to deliver. Once again they ask Iona and while she considers refusing, Hime forces her to just say yes already. With that, they gain two new PreCards. Megumi and Yuko then tell Iona that she should call them by name too, so she tries it out as Hime interrupts and expresses the desire to return to the Embassy since she's hungry.

There the girls all enjoy the special cake after they welcome Iona to their Pretty Cure Team.

Major Events

  • Queen Mirage attacks the Cures for the first time, but Blue shows up and teleports them away before anything serious happens.
  • Iona and Hime now permanently start to form a friendship.
  • Hime reveals that the reason she opened Axia was because of a voice coming from it pleading to be released.
  • Cure Fortune changes into her Pine Arabian form and uses Oriental Dream for the first time.
  • Iona officially joins the group.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Bloom gives the congratulatory message for this episode.
  • Cure Fortune joins the title screen, but she is seen with a PreChanMirror.
  • PreCards debuted: Patissiere and Pine Arabian cards.
  • When Hime looks at the Pretty Cure bag, the orange Wonderful Net Pretty Cure has one sleeve missing.
  • Before the camera gets close to Hime's mouth, the left (right in viewer perspective) of her dress becomes the same color as her belt.
  • Like in episode 25 of Yes! Pretty Cure 5, the Cures go shopping.
  • This is the first time that the Cures look like they transformed without the usual sequence. Cure Princess, and later Lovely and Honey, say their speeches and strike their finishing poses in real time, without the actual transformation being shown.


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