The Transfer Student is a Princess!! Hime's Plan for Making Friends!! (転校生はお姫様!!ひめの友達ゲット大作戦!! Tenkōsei wa Ohimesama!! Hime no Tomodachi Getto Daisakusen!!?) is the 4th episode of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!, and also the 490th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Hime is enrolled at Megumi's school but struggles to deal with all of the students who try to get to know her. Megumi soon realizes that she wasn't helping Hime by being too pushy with her.

Major Events


Hime is modeling a strange outfit she is unable to recognize until Blue informs her it's a school uniform. He explains that she will start attending school, causing her much grief. So much so, that she runs and hides under her couch until Megumi convinces her she'll be able to make a lot of friends.

The following day, the girls excitedly head to school. Hime is convinced that because she already has two friends, gaining a bunch more shouldn't be very hard. It's then they are joined by Seiji, who doesn't really understand how he can be friends with her until Megumi explains it, using her own logic. Going further into school, Hime sees the many students surrounding them. A girl approaches to talk to Megumi, which inspires Hime to try to befriend her. However, her attempt is interupted when the girl mentions a brand new transfer student that everyone is aware about, causing Hime to panic and run off.

In privacy, Ribbon and Megumi talk to her and wonder if she can really handle this now. But Hime claims she can and they head to class... where she panics again and tries to run away, only to be caught by the teacher. She insists that Hime will be okay because everyone is friendly, and the students seem to like her already. She is asked to write her name on the board and quickly, everyone wants to get to know her. But the shock from trying to respond to too many people causes her to pass out instead.


Yuko handing out candy

In the nurse's office, Hime wants to go home and refuses to leave the bed until Megumi stops bothering her. Megumi is trying to convince her that she wont make any friends this way but she's had enough. Eventually Yuko comes inside to check on Hime. Hime remembers her from when they met the other day and Megumi decides to reintroduce them, thinking it will make her feel better. Hime refuses and tells them to leave her alone, so Yuko offers her more candy. It seems to work for a second, but when Hime recalls how she felt earlier, she steals one of them and runs away to hide in the girls bathroom.

There, Megumi scolds her for not behaving right. Hime is still convinces that she doesn't want to deal with school anymore though and uses the ninja precards in order to leave. She throws a big ball of smoke down to distract Megumi and takes off.

Outside, Megumi tries to look for Hime while Seiji claims she pushed her too much. Megumi doesn't understand until he mentions how different her intensive personality is. He does however, say that it's one of her good points, but she should apologize to Hime. Unknown to them, Hime was listening in on the conversation.

She leaves the area and hides in the sports shed, then opens the candy to eat it. She then thinks about Yuko and wonders why she's acting like that. She realizes how right Megumi was, and thinks about how it was just a lucky coincidence they met and became friends. But suddenly, someone else happens to be in the room too. A teacher who is who seems to struggle with the same problems and can't be open to other people. Hime encourages him to just do his work and he takes off, still thinking about what to do.

It's then Namakelder appears and tells him why not to just rid of the school and how people learn to grow up well there, but those who don't are given cold shoulders. Before the teacher can do anything, he uses him to form a Saiark that begins to destroy the school.

As this is going on, Hime runs out of the shed to find the Saiark. She recognizes the teacher and quickly changes to Cure Princess. They begin to fight and Megumi sees them, but as she goes to help she is interupted by a bunch of Choiarks and changes into Cure Lovely. She begins to fight them while Princess uses her machine gun ability. But the Saiark blows her away by spinning it's cone head and smashes her.

The Saiark begins to spread mold all over the school until Hime interupts. She attacks it and with a boost of power is able to knock it back. This surprises her, but it is enough to give her the courage to keep fighting, and make friends. Namakelder doesn't really see the point in bothering with people and tells the Saiark to get back up and fight.

Just as it's about to attack her again, Lovely appears out of nowhere and uses the Choiarks to beat it up and send it flying. She apologizes for being late, as well as for being too forceful with Hime. Then Princess apologizes for how she behaved also. Just then, more Choiarks and the Saiark get back up.


Cure Princess uses Sherbet Ballet

Hime uses her set of PreCards to change into Sherbert Ballet. Then she uses Arabesque Shower to freeze all of the choiarks, then she uses the Love PreBrace to use Blue Happy Shoot to purify the Saiark.

Before he leaves, Namakelder claims this is only a fluke that let them win. Then he takes off. Unknown to them, Fortune happened to be watching.

After everything recovers, Hime finds the teacher and asks him if he's OK. She then tells him her resolve to become much more open and aggressive in order to open up and make friends. She will stay calm and make friends, which encourages him to keep trying too after she deems them friends. As they watch, two new sets of cards appear for the book.


Yuko and Hime become friends

At the end of the day, Hime approaches Yuko. She thanks her for the candy, which makes Yuko happy and Hime introduces herself to her. She then asks Yuko to be her friend, which she accepts and admits to being happy. She then offers Hime more candy while Megumi joins them.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Moonlight gives the 10th anniversary message before the opening.
  • PreCards debuted: Ninja PreCards and Sherbet Ballet PreCards


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