Hime and Megumi's Friendship! Happiness Charge Pretty Cure Forms!! (ひめとめぐみの友情!ハピネスチャージプリキュア結成!! Hime to Megumi no Yūjō! Hapinesu Chāji Purikyua Kessei!!?) is the 2nd episode of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! and also the 488th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. 


Hime and Blue inform Megumi the means of being a Pretty Cure. But Hime, fearing she will be unable to grow stronger runs away.



Cure Princess takes Lovely's hand to run away from the Saiark.

Megumi transforms into Cure Lovely and begins fighting against the Saiark, but she doesn't know what to do and gets trapped by it's attack. Princess comes in as she also attacks but they struggle to fight until Princess uses Princess Tornado, giving them an opportunity to escape as Namakelder finds it weird and gets distracted.

Later, Hime shows Megumi the secret embassy of the Blue Sky Kingdom, with Megumi finding it strange that she couldn't tell it was there before. They begin to discuss how to defeat Saiark and save Mao but Hime seems to only doubt they can really do anything, which leads to an arguement as Megumi tries to reason with her. While hearing their arguement Blue comes out of the mirror to intervene, and greets Megumi.

He then explains what is happening around the world with the Saiarks and mentions that it's all

All the enemies after the opening of Axia

because of a box called Axia being opened. Which released Queen Mirage, her generals, and the Saiarks.

Meanwhile, Queen Mirage learns about Cure Lovely from Deep Mirror and now wants her eradicated.

Blue continues on to say that the Queen despises love and anything else considered to be a positive emotion before adding that Hime's kingdom is being invaded by them. Which makes Hime spiral back into hopelessness as she can't understand why she still lost, even though she got a partner and a friend. She decides that she shouldn't be a pretty cure if all she ever keeps doing is losing. The others attempt to calm her down but she runs away instead.

Megumi attempts to keep up with her but is unable to due to how fast she runs and notices how much more moss the city is gaining.


Yuko meeting Hime

Meanwhile, Yuko discovers a confused Hime and gives her a honey candy. However, they do not talk very much and Hime runs away after accepting it.

Ribbon apologizes for Hime's behavior before Megumi points out that Hime is very lucky to have someone like Ribbon, who always worries about her. This makes Ribbon cheer up and she tells Megumi to use the PreCards Blue gave them in order to locate Hime. After transforming into a detective, Megumi finds Yuko and describes Hime to her, and after she confirms seeing her, she continues to find a wrapper from one of Yuko's honey candies before spotting Hime up ahead. Before she can run away again, Ribbon stops her and Hime claims that she will never be able to defeat the Saiark because she's afraid. No matter how many times she tries, she can never overcome it.

However, Megumi claims that no matter how much fear she has, Hime never has once before given up, despite how many losses. So she insists that Hime should try one more time and claims she needs her to fight alongside her too. This works and Hime feels better now, then suggests that they need to make a good pose for their team now and head up to the rooftop where the Saiark is.


Cure Lovely and Princess surrounded by Choiarks

They transform and stop just for a second to discuss their awesome poses before a bunch of Choiarks surround them. With a Lovely Punch they are able to disband them while Namakelder orders the Saiark to attack. Cure Lovely assigns Princess to purify the Saiark, while she fights and gets the Saiark wounded.

As she hears this, Princess begins to be panic and worry she may screw up again. But after much struggle, Cure Lovely wounds the Saiark with Lovely Heart Destruction. Cure Princess regains hope and purifies the Saiark with Blue Happy Shoot, and Namakelder leaves.


Megumi and Hime hold hands as they promise to each other to fight together

With this happening, Lovely and Princess become happy while Princess celebrates her first win. The girls then change back to normal and they watch Mao as she goes to her mother.

It's then Ribbon produces two PreCards and puts them into the book she carries while discussing what will happen once every single card has been put back into it. Then the girls make a promise with each other to fight the Saiarks together.

Major Events

  • The following attacks are used for the first time:
  • The Choiarks and Deep Mirror make their first appearance.
    • The Choiarks made their actual appearance since they cameo in episode 1
  • The news about Blue Sky Kingdom's destruction, and the appearance of Axia appears for the first time.
  • Dual transformation appears for the first time.
  • Princess beats the Saiark for the first time.
  • Sagara Hiroko appears for the first time.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Dream appears this time in the opening to greet the 10th anniversary of Pretty Cure.
  • PreCards Debut: Detective PreCards


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