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ギリンマ Girinma
Body gilinma
SeasonYes! Pretty Cure 5
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorGreen (human form)
Home PlaceNightmare
First AppearanceYPC501
Japanese Voice ActorHiyama Nobuyuki

Girinma (ギリンマ Girinma?) is the first of the villains to appear in Yes! Pretty Cure 5. He can transform into a deadly praying mantis with arms that slice. He greatly fears his superiors, and is often threatened by Bunbee. In his human form, he wears a hat and holds a cane.


Girinma first appears in episode 1 when he attacks Coco and Nozomi in library and demands Dream Collet from Coco. He summons a Kowaina monster from a picture in the library, but his kowaina ends up being defeated by newly awakened Cure Dream 's Dream Attack. With his kowaina destroyed he retreats.

He makes several other appearances after, with most of them being him scolded by Bunbee . After failing to defeat the Cures many times Kawarino gives him a black paper and tells him that it will give him enough power to defeat the Cures. Girinma uses the black paper, which is actually a black kowaina mask and transforms into his final form. Kawarino then uses him to capture all the Cures. 

His demise is in episode 24 where he is defeated by the Cures' new group attack Five Explosion .


In human form Girinma is a little man who wears glasses a hat and carries a cane. In his true form he is a humanoid praying mantis with blades on his arms that slash through objects.


"Kamakiri" means "mantis" in Japanese.



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