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ギリンマ Girinma
Body gilinma
SeasonYes! Pretty Cure 5
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorGreen (human form)
First AppearanceYPC501
Japanese Voice ActorHiyama Nobuyuki

Girinma (ギリンマ Girinma?) is the first of the villains to appear. He can transform into a deadly praying mantis with arms that slice. He greatly fears his superiors, and is often threatened by Bunbee. In his human form, he wears a hat and holds a cane.



In human form Girinma is a little man who wears glasses a hat and carries a cane. In his true form he is a humanoid praying mantis with blades on his arms that slash through objects.


  • Ironically, Coco, who Girinma has attacked in Episode 1, shares the same voice actor with Frozen's twin brother, Freezen.


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