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ガマオ Gamao
Body gamao
SeasonYes! Pretty Cure 5
Hair ColorBrown (human)
Golden (true form)
Home PlaceNightmare
First AppearanceYPC503
Japanese Voice ActorSuyama Akio

Gamao (ガマオ Gamao?) is a large man from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 who resembles a hobo. He is seen to be extremely lazy and often refuses to do any work, even if his survival and duty as a Nightmare depend on it. He transforms into a toad. In his human form he looks very fat.



In Human form he is a medium sized fat man that is something of a lazy bum and is constantly unemployed. In his true form he resembles a humanoid toad who wears somewhat medieval clothing that would not seem out of place in a role playing game. He can grab things with his tongue and sometimes grabs the cures.


  • His name is from the Japanese "gama", meaning toad.


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