The New Semester! A New Dream and A New Threat! (新学期!新たな夢と新たなる脅威! Shingakki! Aratana Yume to Aratanaru Kyōi!?) is the 31st episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 566th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


WIth summer break over, the Cures return to Noble Academy for the new semester. Haruka befriends one of her classmates named Hanae, who wants to become a flower arranger, but that dream is soon targeted by an old foe of the Cures who has returned much stronger than before.


While dreaming of Prince Kanata while in her Cure Flora form, Haruka suddenly awakens to realize she is running late. With second semester about to begin, Haruka is very excited and quickly gets ready to start the school day.

As this is going on, nobody is aware of the strange pods falling to the ground in random locations. They sink into the ground, releasing a dark pulse in the surrounding area.

Haruka hands over her work from break, very happy to be complimented by the teacher when pretty flowers catch her attention. Later, Miss Shamour teaches the girls how to learn proper flower arrangement. She observes Haruka's work, deeming it to be just okay, but Haruka admits she has no idea how to arrange flowers. She watches as the others manage to get it with ease, but Towa asks how Lock is doing. Miss Shamour mentions that he is still resting and needs time to recover, and they admit their shock to learn he is really a fairy, like they are. After defeating him they had no choice but to bring him back, and she promises to take care of him while he heals. With that Aroma brings up the girls upgrade in power and mentions how much closer they are to be coming Grand Princess. When Towa expresses a desire to see her brother soon, Haruka claims they will soon before suggesting they go out to pick weeds. She hasn't been able to focus on cleaning the garden lately, but when the others don't share her interest she heads out on her own to find a classmate, Hanae, pulling the weeds for her. 

Haruka incidentally startles her, and she compliments her for her efforts. Hanae admits that she really likes flowers, and Haruka is delighted to find another friend who shares her love of them. Together they work as a strange bird watches overhead.

Inside, Haruka and Hanae begin to disuss the upcoming changes with the flowers for the season and Haruka asks about Hanae's future dreams. She admits she isn't sure she is good at anything, so she doesn't have any for now. Haruka manages to convince her that she is wrong though, insisting that dreams are precious things anyone can have. Once again Haruka startles Hanae as she realizes she was the one to arrange the flowers in their classroom and Haruka once again compliments her. Hanae insists she isn't good, but Haruka suggests she become a flower coordinator, someone who arranges flowers for events and in shops. This seems to inspire Hanae, with Haruka promising to cheer her on for her new dream. Hanae agrees, and mentions that with her support she feels she really can become one. With that Haruka asks for some advice, and Hanae remains there while Haruka goes to grab the flowers from the room.

Back in the room Pafu is unable to shake a strange feeling she has.

As Haruka runs outside, she is shocked to find a million black crows everywhere. As one dives at her, Towa manages to push her out of harms way as the others join them. To everyone's shock, the crows reveal Close and they stare in fright as he speaks and wilts the flowers within the gardens surrounding them. The group wastes no time changing into Cure Flora, Cure Mermaid, Cure Twinkle, and Cure Scarlet. To their surprise, Close appears much faster and able to easily evade their attacks and sending them flying back. He takes a moment to observe Cure Scarlet, but he isn't phased and easily attacks her, seemingly disappointed by this. Two more of the strange pods are released and with them, two new figures make their appearance, Stop and Freeze, a pair of Zetsuborg. The girls note they don't even look like them as Stop and Freeze appear to throw Hanae into the Cage of Despair and summon a flower Zetsuborg.

The Zetsuborg starts to attack Pretty Cure, releasing several large and sharp knife-like flowers at them. The girls are barely able to withstand them as Aroma and Pafu start to worry, but Flora refuses to give in, offended by their use of flowers in such a way. She uses Rose Tourbillon while Mermaid and Twinkle hit the Zetsuborg, allowing Scarlet to get a hit and allowing the girls to use the Princess Palace to change into their Sakura, Coral, Galaxy, and Sun Mode Elegant forms and use Eclat Espoir to defeat the Zetsuborg.

Freeze and Stop are momentarily disappointed by their defeat, but they don't linger on it long. The girls are surprised as Close speaks, but he takes off and they release Hanae from the Cage of Despair, allowing her dream to return. As Flora keeps hold of her, they try to determine what Close was telling them.

As this is going on, a depressed Shut is shocked when he hears Close and finds him nearby. Close mentions being revived and calls Lock nothing but a traitor in the end. However, the Despair lock filled entirely so he was able to return. Suddenly, the forest of despair returns, and a large burst of red leg causes the forest to grow even larger and overtake the duo to create a new home for Dyspear. Close speaks to her and mentions that he has planted the seeds of despair, and she insists Freeze, Stop, and Shut are to follow his orders from now on.

That evening, Hanae helps Haruka with her flower arrangement, and she happily notices how much her work has improved. Unknown to them, a mysterious man stands outside along the ocean.

Major Events

  • The new semester at Noble Academy begins.
  • Close returns.
  • Stop and Freeze make their debuts.
  • Dyspear also returns, having been rejuvenated.
  • With the power of despair he collected, Close creates a new despair castle for Dyspear.
  • Lock is revealed to be a fairy and is currently resting.
  • The end of the episode shows a boy resembling Prince Kanata near a lake.
  • A new eyecatch including Cure Scarlet and Pafu and Aroma in their maid and butler forms debuts.


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