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A Mysterious Girl? The Bequeathed Legendary Key! (ふしぎな女の子?受けつがれし伝説のキー! Fushigina Onnanoko? Uketsugareshi Densetsu no Kī!?) is the 29th episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 564th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Haruka, Minami and Kirara are left devastated after their Dress Up Keys have been stolen by Lock, rendering them powerless. Just then, Pafu senses the keys and the three of them go after her, only to follow some mysterious girls to a secret garden.


Major Events

  • Chieri, Yura and Sei, the previous Princess Pretty Cures, appear for the first time, and their Pretty Cure forms are fully shown for the first time as well.
  • Lock's despair gauge is filled all the way up. This is the result of getting despair from the nine Dress Up Keys that he stole in episode 28.
  • Haruka, Minami and Kirara receive their fourth Dress Up Keys, which are known as the Premium Sakura, Sango and Ginga Dress Up Keys.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Scarlet is the featured soloist in the ending.
  • The previous Princess Pretty Cures' Mode Elegant forms look exactly the same as they had appeared in silhouette form in Kanata's story in episode 6.
  • This is the first episode where an object (both the Dress Up Keys and the castle) is used for creating a Zetsuborg.
  • The way the Zetsuborg came out of the sky is very similar to how the Selfish King came out of the sky in episode 47 of Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.
  • This is the first episode in which Towa did not transform into Cure Scarlet since she became a Cure.


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