Go For It, Yuki! Echoing Support at the Summer Festival! (ガンバレゆうき!応援ひびく夏祭り! Ganbare Yūki! Ōen Hibiku Natsumatsuri!?) is the 27th episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 562nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


It is summer festival time at Yumegahama, and the Cures, along with Yuki's fangirl friends, have grown concerned when they notice his lack of focus for an upcoming tennis tournament. Yuki hides a secret from them and soon responsibility falls on Haruka to make things better.


Everyone is busy preparing for the upcoming festival. At the Academy the girls have finished preparing with some help from Minami, and Yui brings how excited she is to be working a stand with Haruka.

Meanwhile, Yuki is being watched by his fan girls during some tennis. But they show concern as they notice something is off.

The festival eventually starts, with Yui and Haruka working with another girl to sell sweets. Haruka is very happy, but surprised when a few male classmates tell the group its time to switch. In this time Haruka decides to go with Yui to check out the sights. They are approached by Minami, with everyone taken by how elegant she looks. She asks how work went, and Haruka explains how happy she was to see everyone having so much fun. Haruka then goes on to talk to Reiko, who is struggling to toss a hoop around a stuffed doll shaped like Pafu. Pafu is delighted to see it, and they start to wonder who made it- only for Mis Shirogane to reveal it was her. She then tells them the students each get one free toss and Haruka manages to land it, handing over the Pafu doll to Reiko. This surprises her but she gratefully accepts it.

Afterwards, the girls are surprised to find Towa and Kirara in the middle of having their pictures taken. They explain that Kirara invited her to join in the picture she was having taken for modeling, and since she has time, they can hang out together. Yui happens to note how nice it is that they can all be together, considering they didn't make plans on it. After the girls share a small laugh, they start to head off elsewhere- only for Haruka and Yuki to bump into each other. The object he was holding busts apart and accidentally sprays water on Haruka, but she claims it isn't a big deal, although his teammates disagree. One gets very frustrated with Yuki and starts to tell him off, but the other suggests they just give him some space and they head off. Haruka can sense something is wrong, but Yuki offers to treat them to some food to make up for what he did. With that in mind, the group, plus Yuki continue to enjoy the festival, eating, trying on masks, eating shaved ice and grilled corn, and eventually a shooting game.

Throughout this Haruka can tell something is wrong, and while Yuki plays she happens to spot the bandaging on his arm. Haruka attempts to figure out what it is when his fan girls suddenly approach and drag him off. As this is going on, Yui explains this to a concerned group.

The girls take Haruka behind the booths and they ask that Haruka helps Yuki. She seems confused until they recall their bond from the past, and Haruka admits that she has began to notice something strange as of late. He loves tennis so much, so its strange for him to put something else ahead of it. She asks if something happened and they recall that he got hurt one day, it wasn't a major injury but he was dropped from the first team. They think he might be bitter about it, and as a result he is in a really bad mood. Haruka agrees to try to lift his spirts when she sees how desperate his fan girls are, but unknown to them, Yuki and the group have been watching them. Haruka runs up to meet up with them- but to her shock he instantly tells her to mind her own business. He claims their support is useless and demands to be left alone, storming off after.

As this is going on, Shut remains frustrated and unsure of what to do at this point. He's agitated and tired of thought, but when all hope seems lost he spots the fan girls and uses his abilities to lock their Dreams and toss them into the Cage of Despair. Due to their shared dream he is able to summon three Cheer Leader Zetsuborg.

The Zetsuborg suddenly arrive along with Shut, who collects their despair. The girls waste no time changing into Cure Flora, Cure Twinkle, Cure Mermaid, and Cure Scarlet, angry that he would try to ruin everyone's fun time at the Festival.

The Zetsuborg attack the girls, and Yuki happens to witness Cure Flora fighting against one as it hits her and sends her flying into the ground. He recalls the mysterious girl from when she saved him previously, and it prepares to attack him, with Mermaid stepping in to save him. She asks Flora to defend Yuki and get him to safety, and she grabs him to lead him away. Cure Scarlet then uses Scarlet Spark on one of them, while Twinkle uses Meteor Humming. Their attacks manage to distract the Zetsuborg as Flora drops off Yuki and prepares to leave. He brings up that she saved him the past and insists she gets back, causing him to chase after her as he tries to talk to her.

The Zetsuborg release a twister on the girls, sending them flying back before the yellow turns into a spiraling ball, shooting out gusts of wind. As Flora sees Yuki in pain she asks if he is okay, but he insists its nothing, asking why she fights the Zetsuborg. She tells him that it isn't very amazing, but they fight to protect the dreams of others. Yuki realizes that she also helped to protect his dream- but he claims it was a waste of time because the coach refused to let Yuki play in the next tournament. He doesn't see why he should be there if he can't even play, but Flora tries to assure him he has more chances after this. Yuki insists it isn't true though, because he's stuck there waiting, having lost the chance he's been waiting for in all this time. Rather than coddle his self-disdain, Flora calls him out on his behavior, saying he shouldn't let one chance get the best of him. Everyone has had disappointments but they look at their friends and those who care about them to get through it, and he needs to see that as well.

Realizing she might have been too pushy, Flora quickly takes off. Yuki thinks about what she said and he realizes she was right, which angers him further.

As the Zetsuborg prepares to attack, Flora returns to help the girls. They stand back to wait for their next attack, but to their shock Yuki has returned, using a rock to knock the Zetsuborg off guard. Flora is delighted that Yuki has cheered up, and with this opening Cures change into Mode Elegant. Scarlet uses Phoenix Blaze, while the trio use Trinity Explosion to aid her attack and defeat the trio of Zetsuborg.

With the girls returned to safety, the Cures vanish as several flower petals flurry by. They change to normal and return with everyone else to the festival as Yuki's fan girls awaken to find him waiting. He apologizes for his attitude and tells them he will be heading back to rest, but the girls stop him to admit how they feel about him. This allows Yuki to see that he actually means a lot to the girls, and they ask to keep cheering him on. However, he asks that they also support everyone else too, and the girls agree.

As this is going on the fireworks begin and the group turn away to watch.

As Yuki walks off, he tries to figure out how Flora could have known his name. He gets no idea, but decies not to question it too long.

Major Events


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Mermaid is the featured soloist in the ending.
  • This is the first episode so far where three Zetsuborgs have been summoned at once.
  • The part in the opening with Yui and the fairies is changed to now show Pafu and Aroma transforming into their maid and butler outfits, and Miss Shamour only being shown as a fairy. 


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