Save Miss Towa! Fight, Royal Fairies! (トワ様を救え!戦うロイヤルフェアリー! Towa-sama wo Sukue! Tatakau Roiyaru Fearī!!?) is the 26th episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 561st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Towa returns to Noble Academy along with the fairies, but she suddenly comes down with a fever. WIth no one else to help, it is up to Pafu and Aroma to take care of her and to defend the academy from Dys Dark.


Towa returns to the academy one morning with Aroma and Pafu. The others stayed home, so it seems strange and quiet to be there now. Aroma and Pafu express concern when Towa seems to react oddly all of the sudden- but she claims it to be nothing.

Inside, they find nobody inside the building at all. Despite this, Towa is excited to have returned. Aroma informs her of their plans to visit Kirara later, and how they will be spending the night at her place. Still excited, Towa enjoys being alone and uses this as a chance to have a little bit of fun she normally is incapable of doing. Pafu and Aroma are confused by this at first, but they decide there isn't much harm in it because she's so happy. They return to her dorm and Towa begins to unpack, but they worry when she falls and they notice how warm she is all of the sudden. Towa starts to cough and they begin to fret, realizing she caught a cold. They suggest that she lays down and Aroma flies off to get ice for her. Pafu remains to keep her comfortable in bed, assuring her that they will stay with her until she feels better.

As Towa rests, they attempt to call Haruka. She suddenly gets a call and is shocked when Aroma informs them of a cold she got. She separates from her family to speak further and brings out a concerned Miss Shamour, who offers to make some tea for Aroma to pick up. They also give Minami a call and she promises to return to the dorm as soon as she can. Kirara also offers once her work finishes. With that Aroma takes off to fetch the tea and tells Pafu to take care of Towa. She promises to do her best- but struggles when she is unable to handle the feeling of the damp cloth and gets a cooling patch stuck to her paws. She laments this as Towa's fever worsens, and she attempts to put the patch on her, only to fall off the bed. She sadly apologizes for being unable to do much, but Towa insists that just having her there has calmed her down.

As they are bonding, Aroma arrives to meet up with Haruka and Miss Shamour. He takes the tea and they tell him to do well taking care of Towa for now, but should anything happen he should contact them right away.

As this is going on, a depressed Shut finds himself unsure of what to do now. He should gather despair but there's nobody around, causing him aggravation until he spots a cicada on the tree nearby. Despite it being little he takes advantage of this and uses the cicada to summon a Zetsuborg, locking it within the cage of Despair. However, this particular Zetsuborg ends up being very tiny, which aggravates him.

As noon approaches, the tiny Zetsuborg appears. Pafu worries when she spots it and Shut, but she promises to protect Towa no matter what.

As this is going on the girls rush back to school.

Pafu heads outside with a bug net and demands the Zetsuborg be quiet. Shut isn't very impressed to see her- but she mentions that the others aren't there, but Towa is trying to rest. She attempts to catch the small insect Zetsuborg, chasing it around he area as Shut watches awkwardly. Miss Shirogane is busy hanging laundry while this going on- but she is unaware of what is going on and heads back inside. Pafu tries to insists she is fine after falling, but just as the Zetsuborg prepares to attack her, Aroma arrives to protect his sister. He had already dropped off the tea so its okay, they just have to chase Shut and the Zetsuborg away. Shut demands that it finishes them off and it grows in size, changing form and causing them to panic.

By now the trio have arrived to the school and met up with each other. Pafu and Aroma manage to trick the insect Zetsuborg, but only temporarily. As they are battered around, they insist they won't let Shut get near Towa. Suddenly, they start to glow, catching Towa's attention as the trio arrive. To everyone's surprise, Aroma and Pafu have gained new attire and transformed. Towa remarks on this and joins everyone, insisting she is feeling better. Somehow the light managed to heal her, and the girls remark that they don't feel tired either, despite running their way there. Before they can linger on it, they quickly observe the little Zetsuborg and transform, asking Aroma and Pafu to leave it to them.

The fight quickly breaks out and the Zetsuborg changes into bigger form again. The Pretty Cure attack with it with a flurry of kicks, sending it flying to the ground fairly quickly. The Zetsuborg releases sound waves to distract them, but Aroma finds herself able to block them with her hair, and Aroma assures them they will do their best to help. Pafu throws Aroma like a ball at the Zetsuborg to make it stop and allow Cure Scarlet to change into Mode Elegant and use Phoenix Blaze. This defeats it and Scarlet unlocks the cage of despair to free the cicada. Disappointed in this Shut takes off, promising that next time will be a lot different.

Back within the school, the girls observe the transformed Pafu and Aroma. Miss Shamor explains that the royal fairies transform when they are able to help those they care for from the bottom of their hearts, and with it, they gain a healing aura capable of curing the sick or weary. She admits that she never saw it before this instance, and Towa thanks Aroma and Pafu for their help. However, they insists she rests more because even if she feels better, she might still be sick. She agrees and embraces them both.

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  • The opening now includes Towa and Cure Scarlet, as well as two new generals of Dys Dark.
    • Additionally, the second half of the opening song's lyrics are used.
  • This is the first time where an animal is targeted and used to create a Zetsuborg. In this case, it is a cicada, followed by three cats in episode 33.
  • Cure Flora is the featured soloist in the ending.


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