You're So Annoying! Kintolesky and Birthdays (うるさ〜い ! キントレスキーと誕生日 "Urusa~i! Kintoresukī to Tanjōbi"?) is the 40th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, and also the 136th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Kintoleski is given a final chance to defeat Pretty Cure and strikes on Mai's birthday.



Saki, Kazuya & Kanako laughing.

At Mai's, Saki observes her drawings when she was younger. She is joined by Kazuya and starts blushing as he tells Mai to show them some more pictures. Mai agrees and runs off to get it, allowing them to discuss the birthday surprise he and her parents set up. He informs her that it will be next Sunday and tells her to keep it a secret. She agrees and Mai returns. She sees them speaking, but they explain it as just talking about her picture and start to laugh, trying to change the subject.

Meanwhile, at Dark Fall, Kintoleski was getting advised not to fail again or he would die as he promised that he would defeat the Cures, and he has not yet. While walking Kintoleski was talking with Goyan about training problems and brings up some recent leg training, causing Goyan to imagine himself looking like Kintoleski. By the time he snaps out of it, he notices that Kintoleski has left.

In school, Saki invites people to Mai's party. She makes sure they keep it a secret and quietly hurries before Mai finds her. Everyone accepts the offer and agrees to help out.


Saki's weird look.

As the sun begins to set, Mai notices that Saki seems not to be feeling good and tries to cheer her up before they separate.

During the evening, Saki tries to draw something nice - but struggles until Minori joins her. She comments on the picture and explains some various things she can try to improve on, suggesting that Saki should try to study Mai very closely. Then she leaves her older sister to let her resume working.

The following day at school, Mai begins to feel uncomfortable as she notices how oddly Saki is behaving, and how she keeps staring at her. Eventually this annoys Mai, as she keeps fretting she may have something on her face. This continues throughout the day, in class, when Mai chats with a few friends, and even in the bathroom. Saki seems to be fine but Mai is growing increasingly uneasy and anxious.


Kintolesky's drawing which made Saki jealous.

At the Sky Tree, Saki tries to do more drawing with the Mascots observing her. She is joined by Kintoleski, wearing a gray outfit, and he observes her picture. He claims it is wrong when she notices that he doesn't approve of it, then she asks him what is wrong with it. He starts a discussion about muscles until Saki interrupts him, informing him that she has no time for this. He tells her to train more for the upcoming battle that would be occurring the next day, then he takes off, leaving her curious.

That evening, Minori heads to Saki's bedroom to show her a letter that she got. Saki observes it to see that it is from Kintoleski, who demands that she has to show up at the seashore at 10 am. It also says that if she can figure out what he mentioned earlier, she would end up with a great picture. She looks on to see that he did a self-portrait, then expresses shock and jealousy after realizing how good of an artist he is.

Saki goes to tell Mai about this the following day, but she runs into Mai. Who reveals to her that she got the same letter. They continue to read on to see that if they don't show up, he will attack the city.


Cure Bright & Windy's faces when they see Kintoleski in his final form.

The girls show up to the intended location to see Kintoleski, literally on fire. He tells them that he will give up his Miracle Drop if they can defeat him, as this will be their final match with each other. Saki and Mai transform into Cure Bright and Windy and the fight begins. But after a few minutes, they watch as he grows bigger in size.

He attempts to follow through with his threat to melt the city, when their mascots encourage the girls and give them more energy and power. They continue to fight until they eventually wear him down, causing him to slowly turn back into his real form. As he is about to disappear, he gives them the promised Miracle Drop. After taking it, the girls head off to celebrate Mai's birthday.

Mai expresses happiness to see the nice presents she has gotten. Saki is last to hand over her own present, but she is unwilling and nervous at first - as she doesn't like it. To her surprise, she sees that Mai is about to cry, causing her to explain how happy she is to have gotten such a wonderful gift. This causes everyone else to express happiness as well.

Major Events

  • Mai celebrates her birthday.
  • Kintoleski is defeated by the Cures and is returned to his original form: gold dust.
  • With Kintoleski's defeat, the seventh Miracle Drop of the Fountain of Gold is received as part of a fair bargain between him and the Cures.





Secondary Characters


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