A Star is Born - Hyuuga Saki! Seriously?! (アイドル誕生日向咲 ! ってマジ!? "Aidoru Tōjō Hyūga Saki! Tte Maji!?"?) is the 38th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, and also the 134th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Talent scout President Kizaki spots Saki and decides to make her an Idol.



Producer hands Saki a card

Hitomi leads Yuuko, Saki, and Mai to a filming location where a famous idol producer is working. They are filming a sad scene but Saki accidentally causes a distraction when she drops her bag with Moop and Foop inside. They fall out and quickly she grabs them and hides them, causing the Producer to take notice. He deems what he saw to be cute and after filming, hands Saki a card while asking him to come by his office later. Everyone is surprised by this, while Saki seems clueless.

At home, everyone seems to already know about Saki's news, as it was on television. Her parents mention that with Saki's popularity she may need to move away from the city, causing Minori to start crying when she takes their joke literally.

Meanwhile, Moop and Foop chat about this. Flappy reminds them that if Saki was to leave, she won't be able to be with Mai anymore. Which means they also won't be able to transform into Pretty Cure, which makes them start to cry. So he attempts to make them stop.


Kintoleski came to Panpakapan and brought some bread

At Mai's, she chats with Choppy over how lucky Saki was to be scouted. They decide to discuss Pretty Cure tomorrow however, given the time.

At Dark Fall, Kintoleski confesses that he is actually training Pretty Cure to the level they can challenge him.

The next day at school, Hitomi organizes an Autograph Session for Saki, but this tires her out. Mai asks her a question, but Saki is unable to decide on an answer. Yuuko claims she can understand this feeling, unsure if she would want to be a singing idol or a dancing idol. They imagine her as one, with the fans cheering for Saki, but they see her fall, ending the imaginative scene before they start to picture her as a news reporter; which again ends poorly, when Saki says "lunch" instead of "branch". They are joined by Shinohara-sensei afterwards, who reveals Saki failed another test.

Meanwhile, Kintoleski came to Panpakapan, and brought some bread. Saki's dad brings up to him that Saki was scouted, then admits to worrying over her - since she may have to leave the city. This angers Kintoleski and quickly he runs in the direction she is at, as this opposes his plans to have a duel against the girls.


Moop and Foop sends the girls their Spiral Ring Set

After school, Saki and Mai plan to meet but Saki runs from the fans wanting her autograph again. They hide in a train and resume chatting, only for Kintoleski to interrupt. He takes them to a different place and the girls waste no time to transform into Bloom and Egret. The Uzaina attacked them as he orders it to work the girls harder, for training. He also tells them that they shouldn't take those forms. Egret tells him that ever since they first transformed they have been able to overcome any obstacle sent their way, and even if it is the last time they transform they will continue. Bloom rises and tells her that it isn't the last time, saying that she loves the city and everyone there too much to leave.

Moop and Foop sends the girls their Spiral Ring Set, and they use Spiral Heart Splash, defeating the Uzaina. After it and Kintoleski vanish, Bloom decides that she will stay.

Unsure of how to turn down the offer, Saki has her mom help her tell this to the producer. But to her shock, the director admits that he actually only wanted Moop and Foop as stuffed animals to decorate the main characters bedroom. When the girls tell this news to the mascots, they refuse to it as it isn't a moving role. 

Major Events

  • Kintoleski reveals he's been training the Splash Star Cures to give him his greatest challenge, against Akudaikan and Goyan's orders.





Secondary Characters


  • Yamaguchi Mari, the idol in the drama being filmed in Yuunagi, is voiced by Mariya Ise, who will portray aspiring idol Kasugano Urara/Cure Lemonade next season in Yes! Pretty Cure 5.


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