Keep it a Secret from Saki! Exciting Summer Camping! (咲には内緒! ドッキドキの夏合宿! "Saki ni wa Naisho! Dokkidoki no Natsu Gasshuku!"?) is the 26th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, and also the 122nd episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


With Saki's birthday approaching, everyone tries to keep it a surprise.



Saki at Summer Camp for training

Saki recalls that Ms. Shitataare brought up that Michiru and Kaoru were still alive in Dark Fall and recalls what she and Mai said during and after the fight. Meanwhile, she is at Summer Camp for training and she spots two girls whispering nearby and asks them what they are doing. They claim everything is fine though, but as Saki pitches the ball she sees the Teacher whispering to the Captain - causing Saki to grow worried.

Meanwhile, at Dark Fall, Ms. Shitataare is confident that she will be defeating Pretty Cure very soon. 

Later on at School, everyone is preparing dinner when Mai comes in with some watermelon. She asks the Teacher to help with preparations for the following day and the Teacher asks that she doesn't stay up too late. Mai brings up that her brother will be picking her up, and the teacher decides it is fine. Saki asks them what they are chatting about and Mai claims it to be nothing and walks away while Kenta comes in to bring some Takomishi (octopus rice).


Kenta claims he saw a monster, pointing at their teacher

With nobody bothering them, Moop and Foop get up and start to play in the gymnasium. They follow Kenta and he panics, believing them to be "disembodied souls", then he reports what he witnessed to the teacher. To his alarm, the teacher has no face and he watches as her next stretches, causing him to take off when it starts to chase after him. He hides into the classroom as the body transforms into water and Ms. Shitataare emerges from a puddle.

Kenta is shocked to find everyone in the classroom, including the Teacher and claims he saw a monster, pointing at their teacher who remarks that he is being rude.

Later, everyone goes to sleep in the gymnasium, really excited about their plans. Saki is quick to fall asleep and wakes up in the middle of the night to notice that everyone else is gone. She gets up to look for them, and Flappy comments that he does not feel anything, and he starts to wonder if maybe Kenta wasn't lying about seeing a monster. Saki hears footsteps nearby, not realizing that it is Hitomi and Yuuko bringing a white cloth in from Art Class. Everyone is busily continuing their plans to set up for Saki's birthday, but when Choppy suddenly announces that she feels an evil presence, along with Flappy, Mai and Saki reunite outside to find Ms. Shitataare awaiting.


Girls grab each others hand

She summons and Uzaina and the girls transform. With it's hose the Uzaina catches them and fires water from it's mouth, making a huge hole near them before he changes his aim in their direction. Moop and Foop arrive but they are grabbed by the Uzaina, so Bloom and Egret ask it to release them. Ms. Shitataare comments that they should be worried about saving themselves instead and the Uzaina shoots water, submerging the girls within it. But despite this they grab each others hand and use their spirit powers to help them and make the Uzaina fall and release Moop and Foop. They gain their Spiral Ring Set and use Spiral Heart Splash to rid of it and send Ms. Shitataare away.

The next day, Saki goes out to tend to Flappy but when she returns she is surprised with everyone else congratulating her. She is very touched by their gesture and admits that she forgot about her Birthday, and she sees that her family even came to see her. She is given various presents from everyone, including a new alarm clock, a seashell from Kenta, a piece of meteorite from Kazuya - leaving everyone except for her confused, and a cushion shaped like her head from Mai.

Major Events

  • Saki's birthday takes place.





Secondary Characters



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