He's the Best After All! My Cool Father!! (やっぱ最高! イケてるお父さん!! "Yappa Saikō! Iketeru Otōsan!"?) is the 6th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, and also the 102nd episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Saki and Mai's families decide to go on a camping trip together.


Saki awakens to see Minori outside. She complains about being bored and explains that on days like this, her friends get to go somewhere with their families - but because they own a Bakery, they aren't able to leave. Saki suggests heading to Ash Forest and bringing her along, but Minor refuses. It's then their parents call for them and to their surprise, they spot Mai with her family. The four adults begin to converse while Saki and Mai observe the bread nearby.


Saki awakens to see Minori outside

Mai's mom explains that they will be going to Crystal Lake and Mai wanted to invite Saki. Saki decides to incline, since it is a family trip, but Mai's mom claims it is fine since they also invited Minori. The girls agree to join them and Saki asks why Mai's older brother, Kazuya isn't there. Mai brings up that he has practice today. The girls head off and their Mascots pop out, with Choppy voicing her desire to join, and tells them that Flappy has to come too, because the lakes are their home. Flappy is very excited at the prospect, believing Choppy to finally understand his feelings; but to his disappointment, he realizes it was only about the lakes.

Minori returns to the room and the Mascots return to their normal forms. Everyone prepares to leave when Saki's father gives them some bread, with Saki's mom reminding him that he has to give an answer about something today. He points out that there isn't a question, and that he has already made up his mind.

Meanwhile, in Dark Fall, Karehan got scolded by Akudaikan again. Goyan also annoyed him, by repeating Akudaikan's words. Then Akudaikan decides to give him a final chance.


Picnic near the lake

Before they head out to the lake, everyone listens to the lecture Mai's father starts. As he finishes, everyone proclaims it to be interesting before heading off. After they arrive, he starts to cook while Saki compliments him for being a College Professor, along with a professional speaker and cook. He claims that he could never make the delicious bread her dad makes though, and Saki claims this is only because that is her fathers job. Minori points out that they never get to go anywhere on Sundays, and Mai's mom points out that it takes more than this to be a good dad, and they may just take it for granted since they get it every day. Then Mai's dad said that no matter how many times they come, he always rejects offers he gets and stays true to his beliefs. Which isn't easy to do. But Minori says that she still likes parents that could take her out to play on Sundays, causing Mai's father to say she will be more understanding some day.

The girls run off to play once they are informed Lunch won't be ready for some time yet. Unknown to them, Karehan is watching from a tree. After having lunch, the girls decide to go for a boat ride, with Minori riding with Mai's dad, and Saki with Mai. Saki admits to being jealous that Mai has an Astronomy Teacher for a dad, and a mother who gives professional lectures for archaeology at the university. Mai claims that despite how smart her dad is, he's also the type to wear two different socks without a care, then admits that she is jealous of Saki's parents too - not because she can eat all of the bread she wants, but because they are always home with her. Her own parents are often gone for work.


Saki returns home with her family

Flappy changes into his Commune form to say that they must treasure their home, causing Mai to ask if something happened to their own, the Land of Fountains. Choppy explains that it was destroyed by Dark Fall, who took six of the seven fountains. Mai asks how they can get them back, so they explain that together they need to combine their powers. Saki and Mai promise to do their best when suddenly, they feel something strange. Karehan appears and creates a water wall between the two boats, revealing an Uzaina from sea plants. The girls transform into Pretty Cure as the Uzaina grabs Egret and threw her. Bloom uses her Spirit power to make a boat catch her, then the two head over to a small, nearby island to use Twin Stream Splash and defeat the Uzaina.

Everyone returns as Minori falls asleep. Saki calls her parents when she sees two people from the hotel. They ask her dad to work there, but they refuse, as they are happy in the city. They leave and Saki returns home with her family, shouting how much she loves them as she eats some bread.

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