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Kenta do Suru!? Saki to Suteki Onīsan!
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star episode 05
Kazuya and Saki
健太どうする!? 咲と素敵なお兄さん!
"What Will Kenta do?! Saki and the Cute Older Brother!"
Air date March 5, 2006
Episode Guide
Opening Leave It To Us★Splash☆Star★
Ending GO by "Smiling is Victory!"

What Will Kenta do?! Saki and the Cute Older Brother! (健太どうする!? 咲と素敵なお兄さん! "Kenta do suru!? Saki to suteki onīsan!"?) is the 5th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, and also the 101st episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Saki is instantly smitten with Mai's older brother and is delighted when he allows her to borrow a book. But after Kenta accidentally spills tea on it she gets angry at him. 


Saki sees

Saki is running to school, late and in a hurry, as she has to run up a hill. Flappy chastises her for taking so long to get up that morning, but she claims he could have helped her by making sure she didn't oversleep. He claims it isn't his job though, reminding her that she has to hurry - and Saki suddenly stops upon spotting a cute boy staring at the sky. She stares at him for a moment, then quickly apologizes after she interrupts him as a plane goes by. She explains why she got so excited, and the boy laughs before stating that he likes this idea before taking off.

When school ends, Saki laments the english homework their teacher gave to her, as punishment for being late. As she claims it is unfair, Kenta suddenly runs by and makes a joke, causing her to scold him. He takes off as Mai comments on how close the two of them are - but Saki is quick to deny this and says that he is just a kid she grew up with. Mai offers to lend Saki a hand with homework, as long as Saki doesn't expect her to do all of the work, and quickly Saki agrees, so they head over to the Mishou household.

As they arrive, Saki examines the surroundings before noticing a nice bookshelf. She comments that all of the books seem too difficult for her to understand, and turns her attention to Choppy, who is holding a clay figure that Mai's mother owns, due to being an archaeology teacher. The girls go to sit as Flappy comments that Choppy must be hungry. She agrees, and with their Mix Communes, get cookies made by using NigiNigi and another Diamond Card. Saki and Mai find this adorable, realizing that Flappy did this for her out of love.

Noticing the large sphere on the roof, Saki questions it. Mai brings her up to the top and shows her that it is a giant telescope that sticks out of the top, for her father, an astronomer. Someone announces that they are home from down below and Mai realizes it is her brother. She brings Saki back down to introduce her, causing Saki to express surprise to realize that Mai's brother is the handsome boy she met earlier.

Meanwhile in Dark Fall, Karehan is by himself trying to determine how to tell the dark lord the bad news that he's failed once more. Goyan approaches and begins to taunt Karehan about his fourth failure, and angered, Karehan summons a huge gust of wind and destroys part of the wall he's standing by, while stating he will defeat Pretty Cure.

Saki is very happy to have finished their homework, just in time for the crepes Mai made for a snack. She thanks Kazuya for helping her, claiming that he made it sound really easy, and even fun. He starts to discuss the various things Mai has explained to him about her, and he claims she is just how he imagined. Saki, now flustered, attempts to change the subject by pointing to the book she saw earlier. He mentions that it is one of his favorites and offers to ler her borrow it, but she refuses - until taking a moment to consider it, then she accepts the book.

At Panpaka Pan, Kenta has Minori take an order before he goes outside with her. He compliments her for being much more useful and talented to Sako, then expresses annoyance as she hasn't showed up yet. She suddenly walks by, very happy and at ease and watches as she sits down and explains to them that Mai's brother helped her with her homework. She starts to read the book he let her borrow, but when Minori gets bored, Kenta starts to mock Saki and claims she wouldn't be able to understand it; but as he moves, he accidentally spills tea all over it. Sak
i panics and yells at him before running inside, locking herself in her bedroom with a cloth to clean it.

As Saki angrily sits, Flappy insists that Kenta didn't spill it intentionally, so she shouldn't be so hard on him. But she doesn't listen.

The next day, she is shown to still be angry with Kenta and walks around him when he makes an attempt to apologize to her. Instead of listening, Saki just claims not to know him and walks away to leave with Mai.

That afternoon, Mai speaks with Kenta. He explains what happened to the book, along with how Saki refuses to achnowledge or forgive him. Mai is sure if he would sincerely apologize she would forgive him, but Kenta doesn't see the point since she's too stubborn anyway. He is sure if Mai was to apologize to Saki and her brother, he would be forgiven, but Mai suddenly gets another idea.

When school ends the following day, Saki runs through town to ask if anyone has a copy of the book. She expresses disbelief as they reveal it is no longer in print, and finding it on sale would be rare since even the publishers are out of copies. Defeated, Saki leaves to hear Kenta nearby, begging for the book at a nearby store. With annoyance Saki yanks him out of the shop and scolds him as he makes an attempt to apologize again. Before he can finish, she apologizes for getting annoyed with him to begin with, considering it was an accident. They make up and decide to search for the book together, with Kenta pointing out that they have already checked the same stores.

Mai arrives to suggest that the two of them check out the used book stores, as they are more than likely to have out of print or low copied books. They step inside and decide to ask the clerk, but to their horror it is revealed to be Karehan - who summons a small book Uzaina to chase after them. The girls flee the book store as Kenta can only observe the floating book following the girls; only to lose consciousness after a book hits him.

As the books form into one giant Uzaina, the girls transform into Cure Bloom and Cure Egret. They get to work fighting it and watch with surprise as it regenerates the books knocked out of it. It throws the girls into the nearby trees before Karehan yanks them back with summoned vines, demanding to know of the fountain's location. But Cure Bloom refuses to tell him, stating that she would never tell anybody who hurt Kenta. Using their Twin Stream Splash, Cure Bloom and Cure Egret take down the Uzaina.

Saki happy with Kenta
They return to normal and Saki approaches her unconscious friend, who soon awakens to ask what happened. They do not answer him, and instead the trio apologize to Kazuya for the ruined book. He claims it is fine as both Saki and Kenta try to take the blame, then points out just how tiny the stain is anyway, stating that the book is still readable anyway.

Saki is amazed by how cool Kenta is about this, and calls him awesome as Kenta makes another remark against her, claiming she wasn't able to read the book anyway.  Saki scolds him by stating he only reads manga anyway, and isn't in the position to talk, causing them to start bickering.

Major Events

  • Saki's crush on Mai's older brother begins in this episode.
  • Karehan makes his skills known in this episode: Manipulating anything made from wood or plants.
  • This is the first time (outside of eye catches) that sending gifts is shown through the Communes.





Secondary Characters


  • For a split second as Saki takes a few steps while holding Flappy in Mai's house. Her neck/collar area turns black/a dark color.


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