You're Kidding?! Spring Scenery and the Voice of Cicadas (うっそー!? 春の景色とセミの声 "Usso?! Haru no keshiki to Semi no Koe"?) is the 4th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, and also the 100th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Mai attempts to discover the true meaning of to the Scenery of Spring for a contest.


Mai is busy drawing a picture of the Sakura Trees when Saki approaches to watch her. Mai, surprised, scolds Saki for this, and she apologizes before complimenting the picture. She tells Mai that she could focus on a career in art, and someone else agrees with the girls, introducing herself as Takeuchi Ayano, a second year student of Art Club. She goes on to ask Mai about joining the Art Club and an upcoming contest, to which Saki starts to answer for Mai until Ayano scolds her.

When lunch approaches, the girls sit together but Saki notices how quiet she is being. She tries to ask if she is alright, and Mai insists that she is.

Later that evening, Mai explains the theme to her brother, and asks him what he thinks of it. He replies with frogs and she gets flustered until their mom shows up to mention that they may catch a cold if they stay outside too long during the evening. Mai decides to ask her dad, calling him at work, but he suggests a Lynx, not understand why a Spring Constellation wouldn't be good for it. She hangs up and lays on her bed, determined to think of something she can enter. 

Saki asks

Saki asking Mai about her picture

The next morning, Mai chats with Saki and laughs as Mai recalls what happened the previous evening. She tells her that she only has until Sunday to decide what she wants to do, but she has no ideas. She decides to go with Mai as she decides to leave in order to search for inspiration. Flappy suddenly appears and claims that Spring reminds him of New Love, but as Choppy appears, she is unable to think of anything herself - not realizing that Flappy was trying to confess his own feelings to her.

For inspiration the girls travel up the mountain side and see the whole view of town: including water, several buildings, and greenery. Mai glances down the hill to notice a cabbage field, and Saki mentions how well a Spring Cabbage fits with Spring, so they head down to investigate them a bit more closely. Mai decides this can be what she wishes to enter, and sits down to start drawing. During this, Saki takes off to grab a few drinks for them and returns, sitting down as Mai suddenly points out that Spring Cabbage usually doesn't come this quickly. Saki offers to take a look for her while she continues to draw, but stops to help an elderly woman struggling with a cart. 

As thanks, the woman invites Mai inside for a drink. Mai asks to lend a hand to the woman for the upcoming harvest, and at first the woman insists she doesn't have to, but Mai really wants to.

Saki travels in the forest with Flappy and tries to find her way through it. She notices that it is only growing darker and darker, and he asks her if she is sure she knows the way back. She insists that she does, since she used to play there as a child all of the time.

Mai helps the woman with the harvest, messing up a little bit at first but soon getting the hang of it. She eventually starts to find it fun, and the woman tells her that since they have finished, she is free to leave. She mentions that she only has to clean up, so Mai lifts up the last box when Choppy detects something weird. At the time, Flappy says the same with Saki, causing her to express disbelief.

Suddenly, many cicada fly by and head towards Mai's location as Karehan reveals himself. He notices that both girls are not present, and is ready to attack knowing that he has an advantage without them together to transform. Saki is quick to take off, back for Mai as he chases after her. She quickly runs to Mai, who runs outside to see a glowing cicada form into an Uzaina. The girls waste no time transforming into Pretty Cure, and at first, it seems that the Uzaina hardly uses any effort to toss them aside. They fend it off with the power in their arms and legs before launching their Twin Stream Splash on the cicadas to free them from the Uzaina. They fly away and Karehan retreats, allowing the girls to change back to normal.

Saki and Mai get excited

They wait for the elderly woman to wake up, but to their surprise, they are joined by Ayano; who explains the woman they had been helping was her grandmother.

Later, at the Art Contest hallway, Mai and Saki observe the various submissions. Mai isn't too down over losing, and Ayano mentions that Spring isn't very apparent in the entry that did win. They head over to Mai's picture, a portrait of the woman she met and helped. Saki asks Mai what made her change her mind and Mai just asks for an opinion, explaining that she was trying to draw a picture of the woman holding one of her cabbages - but her smile distracted her, and it ended up covering the entire picture and took over instead. Ayano claims this picture is the best and the girls take off afterwards.

As they walk home, Mai explains that because of Saki she had decided to join the Art Club. Saki tries to deny this claim, though she feels clearly happy about it. Flappy appears and tells Saki he is hungry, and they begin to bicker until Choppy starts to cry over it, which leads to more bickering as Mai tries to calm her.

Major Events

  • Karehan learns that Pretty Cure cannot work unless both girls are there.





Secondary Characters


  • This is the first time to show that Flappy has a crush on Choppy.
  • Whenever they feel discomfort, Choppy will unfold her ears, while Flappy straightens his.
  • At the end of the episode, Flappy implied that Saki takes a lot of "snack breaks".


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