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Makko Shobu! Kimi Koso Esu da!!
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star episode 03
真っ向勝負! 君こそエースだ!!
"A Head-On Match! You're the Ace!!"
Air date February 19, 2006
Episode Guide
Opening Leave It To Us★Splash☆Star★
Ending GO by "Smiling is Victory!"

A Head-On Match! You're the Ace!! (真っ向勝負! 君こそエースだ!! "Makko Shobu! Kimi koso Esu da!!"?) is the 3rd episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, and also the 99th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nagichuu Softball Club is having their first match today and they worry over whether or not they stand a chance against their harder rivals.


Saki smiles

Saki and her softball team

In Dark Falls, the leader speaks to his followers about Pretty Cure. Karehan begs for another chance, promising to defeat them and capture their Mascots.

Meanwhile, at School, Saki is with her team practicing while Mai draws her. She is unaware of the couch, who has been watching her and compliments the picture. To get her attention, she gently shakes her shoulder and Mai snaps out of her focus as the coach compliments it again, along with her ability to concentrate. They are approached by Saki and the other girls, who ask to learn more about their opponents for an upcoming Championship Match.

On the way home, none of the girls are confident they can win. The team they will be up against previously won and came in first place multiple times. However, to their surprise, Saki is very confident and ask why that is. She explains that since they ended up losing their first round the past two years, they would never suspect them of winning this time. So they won't take them seriously or see them as a threat. 

At home, Flappy tells Saki that he is hungry and she summons NigiNigi and ResuResu again. She feeds Flappy and Minori suddenly bursts into the room, causing her to attempt to try to get her back out of it. She asks what Minori wanted and she explains that she came to tell her about dinner, so with that they run off to join their parents. They watch as Saki eats food quickly and her mom comments on this, but she claims that it is because her mom makes the best hamburger curry. Her mom comments that for her upcoming match, she and Minori plan to come by, leaving their dad in charge of the shop while they are gone.

Mai is observing her drawing with Choppy. She thinks that Saki will have a very good game the following day, and Mai agrees.


Kenta is ready to cheer the team to victory

Saki pays the Sky Tree a visit, which is something she normally does to relax or when dealing with doubt. She is sure the game will go fine though, and heads off to school; just to find out that everything is actually as bad as her team worried it would be. She observes that the team actually looks tougher than the prior year, and soon the game starts.

It eventually reaches it's half way point and the team is doing terrible so far. Saki is unable to focus and fears she is just letting down the team when Mai gets an idea. She shows Saki the picture she drew in hopes of inspiring her and the team. This seems to encourage them a bit and they try harder, but the game is interrupted by a heavy burst of wind. Saki and Mai watch as everyone is evacuated from the field, deeming it to be too harsh for them to keep playing. The girls stay back to try to determine what the winds are coming from and they see Karehan suddenly appear, summoning an Uzaina using a baseball bat.

Saki and Mai transform into Pretty Cure and they fight it, but they find themselves concerned as Karehan demands they give him Flappy and Choppy. The girls refuse, and a mucky substance oozes onto them, threatening to drown them unless they comply. As this is going on, Saki and Mai hold each others hands, allowing them to use a burst of power and destroy the muck and get free. They use Twin Stream Splash to defeat it with ease.

With everything back to normal the game resumes, with Yuuko taking her turn at bat. She doesn't feel confident but Saki reminds her not to give up until the very end. She mentions the picture Mai drew of her, and proclaims that she knows Yuuko can do it. Yuuko hits the ball and runs to first base, allowing Saki to take her turn. She hits the ball and together they are able to win the game.

Major Events





Secondary Characters


  • This episode reveals that Flappy favors rice.


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