A Head-On Match! You're the Ace!! (真っ向勝負! 君こそエースだ!! "Makko Shobu! Kimi koso Esu da!!"?) is the 3rd episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, and also the 99th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nagichuu Softball Club is having their first match today and they worry over whether or not they stand a chance against their harder rivals.


Akudaikan discusses Pretty Cure's strength with Goyan. Karehan begs for another chance, promising to defeat the Cures and capture the spirits that guard the Fountain of Sun.

Saki smiles

Saki and her softball team

Meanwhile, at school, Saki practices softball with her team while Mai draws her. She is unaware of the coach, Shinohara-sensei observing her. To get her attention, she gently shakes her shoulder and Mai snaps out of her focus and the coach compliments her drawing, along with her tendency to focus strongly on one thing at a time. They are approached by the softball team, who request to learn more about their opponents for an upcoming match.

On their way home, the softball team are in low spirits. The team they will be up against is very strong and came in first place multiple times. However, to their surprise, Saki is confident and optimistic. She says that since they ended up losing their first round the past two years, the opposing team would take them lightly, which they could use to their advantage.

At home, Flappy tells Saki that he is hungry and she summons NigiNigi and ResuResu again. She feeds Flappy and Minori suddenly bursts into their shared room, causing her to frantically cover up Flappy. The family has dinner together and her mom tells her that for her upcoming match, she and Minori plan to come by, leaving their dad in charge of the shop while they are gone. Meanwhile, Mai and Choppy muse that Saki will have a very good game due to her positive attitude.


Kenta is ready to cheer the team to victory

Saki pays the Sky Tree a visit, which she usually does to relax or when she has to think about something. Flappy and her discuss the Sky Tree's mysterious powers. Then she heads to school, where her softball observes that the team actually looks tougher than the prior year, and soon the game starts.

It eventually reaches it's half-way point and things are not looking good for Saki's team. Saki is unable to focus and fears she is letting down the team. Mai shows Saki the picture she drew in hopes of inspiring her and the team. This encourages them, but the game is interrupted by a heavy burst of wind. Saki and Mai watch as everyone is evacuated from the field, deeming it to be too harsh for them to keep playing. The girls stay back to try to determine where the winds are coming from and Karehan suddenly appears, summoning an Uzaina made out of the baseball bats.

FwSS03 Homerun

Saki hitting a homerun

Saki and Mai transform into Pretty Cure and they fight the Uzaina, but it poses a strong foe and Karehan demands they give him Flappy and Choppy. The girls refuse, and a mucky substance oozes onto them, threatening to drown them unless they comply. Saki and Mai hold each others hands, allowing them to use a burst of power and destroy the muck. They use Twin Stream Splash to defeat the Uzaina with ease.

The game resumes afterwards, with Yuuko taking her turn at bat. She doesn't feel confident but Saki reminds her not to give up until the very end. She mentions the picture Mai drew of her, and to hit the ball like they did in their training session. Yuuko hits the ball and runs to first base, allowing Saki to take her turn. She hits a homerun and they win the game.





Secondary Characters


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