The Welcome Party at Panpaka is Foreboding a Storm! (パンパカ歓迎会は嵐の予感! "Panpaka no Kanekeikai wa Arashi no Yokan!"?) is the 2nd episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, and also the 98th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall. 


In hopes of getting closer to Mai and celebrate her return to town, Saki plans a party at her families bakery.


Both Saki and Mai are shown preparing for school. Saki runs to the top of a hill as Mai says goodbye to her family.

FwPCSS02 Goyan talking to Karehan

Goyan talks to Karehan

Meanwhile, Karehan reports to his master Akudaikan. Karehan regretfully informs him that someone interfered with his ploy to seize the Fountain of the Sun. Goyan interrupts him to explain that the mysterious force who stopped him was that of the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure.

As the end of the school day approaches, Saki chats with her friends, Hitomi, Yuuko and Kenta, and they decide to give Mai a warm welcome in form of a party. Saki turns around to invite Mai - only to see that she has already left.

Saki searches for her and spots Mai enjoying the windy weather. Flappy and Choppy take this opportunity to tell them about the evil group Dark Fall that plans to use the power of The World Tree and its fountains to resurrect their ruler, Akudaikan. The corruption of the tree and the fountains would have devastating consequences to the environment and all living things. The only fountain still uncorrupted is the Fountain of Sun. Saki and Mai point out to the spirits that they are still middle school students, but this doesn't waver the spirits' belief that Saki and Mai will save everyone as Pretty Cure.

FwPCSS02 Mix Communes

Saki uses the Mix Commune

Saki remembers her plans for the party and quickly runs home to prepare. She heads inside to have a snack first, only for Flappy to start speaking inside her pocket. Minori is confused at her sister's odd behaviour and Saki runs to her bedroom and scolds Flappy. Instead of listening though, he complains that he is hungry and instructs Saki on how to take care of him with the use of the NigiNigi and ResuResu cards.

At Mai's, she stands outside to observe the sky. Her brother notices how deep in thought she is and asks her about it. She brings up meeting Saki again after they only met briefly as children. Kazuya calls it a fated meeting. He reminds her that dinner is ready and heads back inside, leaving Mai to think about her possible new friend.

FwPCSS02 Hyper Focus

Saki and Mai discuss Mai's tendency to strongly focus and forget her surroundings

The next day, Saki, Yuuko, Hitomi, and Kenta are preparing for the party. Kenta and Saki start to bicker while Hitomi and Yuuko watch and remark on how common this situation is for the two of them.

Outside, Mai approaches the bakery. She asks Saori if Saki is there, and Mai is brought inside to wait in the garden for the party to start. Mai happily complies and starts drawing the scenery of the garden. After a while, she notices Saki is there and to her shock, sees the table before her is now entirely decorated. She apologizes for being so absorbed in her art, and explains that she tends to focus very strongly - to the point where she forgets her surroundings. Saki calls this a good thing and admits that she struggles with focussing. She then suggests that Mai can address her as Saki, without the formalities and requests to adress Mai in a familiar way too.

FwPCSS02 Power Jump

Bloom and Egret learn to use their overflowing power in battle

Karehan jokes about this heartwarming scene by interrupting them and introducing himself and remarking that the girls may address him as "Karecchi". He summons an Uzaina from a flower bush. The girls transform into Cure Bloom and Cure Egret and a fight breaks out. But, as the girls are still novices to fighting, they are thrown down by the bush monsters' vines. Karehan demands they hand over Flappy and Choppy, but the girls refuse while Saki angrily chews him out for ruining the party.

At Flappy's advice they begin to focus their power into their hands, throwing the large enemy away into the air. They jump after it by focussing their power into their legs.

FwPCSS02 Friends

The girls agree to be friends

With the forces surrounding them they are able to make a swift landing and continue to fight, using Twin Stream Splash to defeat the Uzaina and send Karehan on his way.

At the Party, Saki and her friends quickly finish the cake. Mai thanks them all for being so kind to her and throwing this party. Other students start to arrive and Saki reveals she ended up inviting the entire class. Kenta expresses annoyance as they have not prepared enough food and starts to chase her around while Mai laughs.

Major Events

  • The Dark Fall's evil plans are explained.
  • The World Tree is shown for the first time and its importance is dicussed.
  • Akudaikan and Goyan appear for the first time.
  • Saki learns about taking care of Flappy and using the Cure Diamonds with the Mix Communes to feed and tend to him.
  • Flappy and Choppy teach the Cures how to focus their power in a fight for enhanced force.
  • Saki and Mai start to call eachother by their respective first name and agree to be friends.





Secondary Characters


  • Goyan mentions that Pretty Cure were opposing their plans since ages ago, hinting to other Cures in the Splash Star universe.
  • Cure Black and Cure White appear as silhouettes in this episode.
  • People being overly familiar with Karehan by addressing him as "Karecchi" and him being annoyed by this becomes a running gag.


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