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Panpaka no Kanekeikai wa Arashi no Yokan!
Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star episode 02
"The Welcome Party at Panpaka is a Premonition of a Storm!"
Air date February 12, 2006
Episode Guide
Opening Leave It To Us★Splash☆Star★
Ending GO by "Smiling is Victory!"
The Welcome Party at Panpaka is a Premonition of a Storm! (パンパカ歓迎会は嵐の予感! "Panpaka no Kanekeikai wa Arashi no Yokan!"?) is the 2nd episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, and also the 98th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall. 


In hopes of getting closer to Mai and celebrate her return to the town, Saki plans a party at her families bakery.


Both Saki and Mai are shown preparing for school. Saki runs to the top of a hill as Mai says goodbye to her family.
Darkfall Throneroom

Dark Fall Lair

Meanwhile, in a very dark place, Karehan speaks with the Dark Overlord, who asks if he has found the Fountain of the Sun yet. Karehan regretfully explains that when he came close, someone interfered and that next time he'll require the information. As this goes on, someone from behind explains that the mysterious force who stopped him was that of Pretty Cure.

As the end of the school day approaches, Saki is approached by her friends, Hitomi and Yuuko. They have come by to offer her a hand planning the party at her families bakery, Panpaka Pan. Kenta, another friend also offers to help out and Saki turns to chat with Mai - only to see that she has already left.

Saki heads out to try to find her and spots Mai enjoying the windy weather. Flappy and Choppy appear and speak with the girls, using this time to explain to them the mysterious group from the Dark Fall, and how they wish to use the Fountains to resurrect their ruler, Akudaikan. They go on to reveal his own plans, of taking over the tree and fountains controling the life of all worlds. He has already taken six of them away, and only one is left: the Fountain of Sun. Right away, Saki and Mai try to point out to the Mascots that they are just girls from middle school, but this doesn't waver the Mascots decision. They are sure that they will save everyone as Pretty Cure.

It's then Saki remembers her plans for the party and quickly runs home to prepare. She heads inside to have a snack first, only for Flappy to interrupt as both she and her sister chat about chocolate cornets. Minori questions who spoke, "Lapi", and Saki attempts to claim she did it by repeating the word several times. She runs to her bedroom and scolds Flappy for speaking so openly, telling him that someone could catch him if he kept it up. Instead of listening though, he complains over being hungry and instructs Saki on how to take care of him with the use of the NigiNigi and ResuResu cards.



At Mai's, she stands outside to observe the sky when her brother comes out, telling her that dinner is ready. He notices how deep in thought she is and asks if something is bothering her, pointing out that when someone looks to the sky the way she is, it usually leads to that. She admits that this is true, and brings up meeting Saki in the past. Kazuya brings up that the girls are friends, and calls it a fated meeting. He reminds her that dinner is ready and heads back inside, leaving Mai to think about her new friend.

The next day, Saki, Yuuko, Hitomi, and Kenta continue to work preparing the Party. It is going fine so far, as Saki asks Kenta why he is running around so much. He claims that he is busy working with decorations, but they start to bicker as Saki points out how bad he is with Home Ec-based activity. Hitomi and Yuuko watch and remark on how common this is for the two of them.

Outside, Mai approaches the shop to spot Saki's mother. She asks if Saki is there, and Mai is brought inside. Saki tries to hurry up and tell Mai that they aren't ready just yet though, and asks her to wait out back, in the garden. Mai agrees, seeing no harm in it and sits on a bench to start drawing. After a while, she notices that Saki is there and to her shock, sees the table before her is now entirely decorated. She apologizes for being so distracted, and explains that she tends to get fully absorbed in her art. Saki believes this to be a good thing though and admits that she struggles to focus on much. She then goes on to insist that Mai can address her as just, Saki, without the formalities and asks to call Mai the same way.

Fated to Meet Saki and Mai

Mai's brother tells meeting Saki was fate

Before they can discuss it any further though, they overhear Karehan summon an Uzaina from a flower bush. They transform into Cure Bloom and Cure Egret and a fight breaks out. But, as the girls are still new to this, they are instantly thrown down by the bush monsters vines. Karehan demands they hand over Flappy and Choppy, but the girls refuse while Saki angrily chews him out for ruining the party. They continue to fight as Karehan tries to use the vines to crush them again, and at Flappy's advice they begin to focus their power into their hands, throwing the large enemy some distance away into the water. They chase after it after being told to do so, learning just how much power they now have as Pretty Cure and panic as they are thrown through the air. With the forces surrounding them they are able to make a swift landing and continue to fight, using Twin Stream Splash to defeat the Uzaina and send Karehan on his way.

At the Party, Saki and her friends quickly finish with the cake and bring Mai inside. She thanks them all for being so kind to her and throwing this party while other students start to arrive. Then, as Saki reveals she ended up inviting the entire class, Kenta expresses annoyance and starts to chase her around while Mai laughs.

Major Events

  • The Dark Fall's plans are stated.
  • Saki learns about taking care of Flappy and the Cure Diamonds to feed and tend to him.
  • NigiNigi and ResuResu appear for the first time.





Secondary Characters


  • Gohyaan mentions, that Pretty Cure were opposing their plans since ages ago, hinting to other Cures in Splash Star universe.
  • Cure Black and Cure White appear as silhouettes in Splash Star, making them the only pretty cure characters to appear in another season during the episode.


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