Verone Panic! Hunting the Ghost of the Mischievous Princess (ベローネパニック!わんぱく王女のお化け退治 BERŌ-NE PANIKKU! Wanpaku Ōjo no Obake Taiji?) is the 28th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, the sequel of Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 77th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Rumors around school about the ghost Ruriko haunting it begin to surface. At first the girls don't believe it but after a series of strange events, start to consider the possibilities of them being true.


In the Garden of Light, a strange shadow has appeared near the Prism Stones at the Holy Altar. They started glowing in gold. Meanwhile, Elder and Guardian were talking about noticing something strange with the Prism Stones. They watch as a shadowed person shows up by the Prism Stones path and surprises them.


Elder and Guardian watch as a shadowed person shows up

Meanwhile, school is about to begin. Nagisa spots Rina and Shiho and notices they are frightened about something. The duo repeats the story they heard of Ruriko-san, a girl who attended Verone Academy. In a classroom that should be empty, a single, lonely figure lingers - if you somehow meet her, you will be cursed. People began to call her "Verone's Ruriko-san", and they wonder if they have already met her. The day before, Rina forgot her notes in class and when she went to get them, someone opened the door but nobody was in the room; though Nagisa is quick to claim she probably imagined it.

Shiho then adds in that she saw her too after she forgot something in the club room. When she went to get it someone turned on the light in the bathroom, then turned it off. It repeated a couple of times and when she went to see, nobody was there. She looked in the mirror to see a strange face and screamed, but after looking into it again, the face was gone. She looked around more but still found nothing. The girls once again show fright over being cursed.


Rina and Shiho repeat the story they heard about Ruriko-san

Meanwhile, in Hikari's class lunch has come. Pollun calls her to ask if she will come to the roof to speak to him. He is shivering and doesn't understand why, causing Hikari to ask if he may be feeling ill. He claims he doesn't though.

In the Science Club, the girls check things for the next class when someone begins to scream. Nagisa, Honoka, Shiho, and Rina, and another girl happened to be nearby so they came to look. The girl tells them that the teacher asked her to check the supplies for the next lesson and suddenly all of the drawers began to move and the body model fell on her. Shiho notices a face on the blackboard nearby and Rina claims it must be the face of Ruriko. The girls begin to cry and panic fearing her curse.

Later, Nagisa realizes she accidentally forgot something in class and returns to fetch it. She is a bit worried over Ruriko though, and Mepple uses the situation to scare her by calling her name. She runs to class and grabs the object, then notices that the door was open, although nobody was there.

Downstairs, Hikari stayed late to clean. She wishes to go home, but hears something and looks around to see nobody is there.


"Verone's Circulas-san"

Upstairs, someone places a hand onto Nagisa's shoulder, causing her to scream. Hikari comes running, just to find that it was only Honoka. She expresses concern, since she was taking a while and came to look for her. Then Mipple and Mepple announce how they feel an evil presence. Circulas appears and Nagisa wonders if Ruriko happened to be his handy work. Hikari joins them to see Circulas and they waste no time to transform. Circulas is at full power and wastes no time to use it, throwing the girls back onto the ground before summoning a fly Zakenna. It catches the girls and he prepares to use his powers to defeat them; but suddenly, a small pink rabbit appears.

She ends her sentence in -lulu and asks that he does not bully Pollun. Pollun and everyone is surprised by this, but the Mascots recognize her right away. Circulas attempts to attack the pink rabbit but Shiny Luminous blocks the attack, causing Circulas to unleash one giant attack but the girls break free. They summon their Sparkle Bracelets and defeat the Zakenna by using Marble Screw Max Sparkle.


Mepple and Mipple start to question Lulun

The Mascots start to question Lulun and why she is there, causing her to start crying as Honoka attempts to kindly ask her instead. She explains that she came looking for Pollun and Honoka realizes that Ruriko wasn't a ghost at all; but Lulun. She explains how she walked through the halls, entered the classroom Rina was in, and had appeared in the mirror of the room Shiho went into. She had also gone into the drawers of the Science Room, causing them to move. Then she got hit by a sponge and appeared on the blackboard.

Nagsa, confusing her name asks if it is Melon, so Lulun properly introduces herself as the princess of light who weaves the future, Lulun.

Later, at the Tako Cafe, Akane confesses to being the one who made up the story of Ruriko with some friends during their third year. She wanted to scare everyone and they bought the story really quick, surprising her to realize that for something so old, it is still told among students. Shiho and Rina asks the girls what they actually saw, causing Nagisa to claim it was just a hallucination. Which the girls believe.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, Lulun was playing with Pollun's tail, much to his dismay. 

Main Events

  • Lulun appears for the first time, crossing over into the Garden of Rainbows to be with Pollun.





Secondary Characters



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