A Tearful Farewell? Rina's Raccoon Story! (ナミダのお別れ!? 莉奈のポンポコ物語! NAMIDA no Owakare!? Rina no PONPOKO Monogatari?) is the 20th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, the sequel of Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 69th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls notice that Rina has been acting strangely lately and discover that she has been tending to a baby Raccoon for a while. As she tries to adjust to saying goodbye to it, Nagisa and Honoka are overwhelmed with their own sadness in knowing that one day Mepple and Mipple will leave.


Nagisa prepares for a test when Mepple requests some attention from her. They get into a conflict when she refuses.

Later, during the test, Nagisa has forgotten the information for the diagram she is observing, as Mepple kept distracting her. She looks through the window to see that Rina is also doing this and isn't focusing on the test.

After school, Shiho joins the girls to discuss Rina and her weird behavior. She points out that she has been spacing out a lot lately and doesn't seem to pay anyone attention. Honoka believes she may just be worried about something, while Akane voices that she may have a crush on someone now. Shiho doubts this is the case though, since Rina would have told her about it; and even if she had not, she still would have picked up on it.

Later, the girls decide to confront Rina. She denies that anything is wrong at first, then runs off saying that she will take care of it herself.



Meanwhile, at the Mansion of Darkness, the little boy seems to desire something. The Butler Zakenna asks the villians to allow this since he keeps staring at the windows so much lately. When he asks to go outside for himself, everyone expresses shock.

After school the next day, the girls decide to follow after Rina. She goes in the opposite direction of their home and buys an apple before heading to the forest. She goes into a cabin and the girls follow her. Nagisa incidentally steps on a branch, alerting her of their prescence and they realize she has been taking care of a baby racoon. She explains that she had come there a week ago for her homework that required a sketch. She found it injuried and came again, due to being so worried over it. When it started to rain, she brought it into the cabin and tended to him; feeding him and bandaging his injured feet. They have become good friends in this time, and she reveals his name: Pontanosuke. She didn't want to tell anyone about him because she was sure if they found out, they would make her return him to the forest - even though his feet were not properly healed yet. She wishes to keep him as a pet, although the girls know this won't work.

Later, they take off and Rina apologizes to Shiho for not telling her anything. She knows that she will have to return Pontanosuke to the forest eventually. Shiho tells her that whatever she decides, she will give her all the support she needs. 

Nagisa and Honoka reveal everything to Hikari about what happened as the Mascots play nearby. Nagisa is able to understand Rina's feelings and sadness in knowing that she will need to return him to the forest and say goodbye one day. She thinks about how the Mascots will eventually leave when suddenly they spot a new Heartiel: Wishun. He comments that the truth is coming.


Wishun is able to stop Nagisa and Mepple arguing

The next day, Rina tells everyone that Pontanosuke's leg is healed so she will be releasing him. Shiho is happy, but Nagisa and Honoka feign happiness, thinking about Mepple and Mipple.

On the roof, they discuss this when Wishun joins them and repeats what he said earlier.

Meanwhile, Butler Zakenna reveal good news to the boy - he will be able to go outside once Viblis finishes her business.

Nagisa and Honoka bring Hikari out to pay a visit to Pontanosuke. Pollun changes form so that he can play with the baby raccoon, along with Mepple and Mipple. They introduce themselves to him and they play while waiting for Shiho and Rina to finish cleaning the classroom. Pontanosuke expresses surprise, but he is very happy and plays with them. Nagisa begins to discuss what real happiness is when Viblis appears. She creates a Zakenna using the cabin and the girls leave to transform while Hikari protects Pontanosuke.

The Zakenna throws the girls out and Hikari shouts to them when the Zakenna heads at her. She transforms into Shiny Luminous and while the Zakenna is distracted, Black and White attack it. In the process, the Zakenna accidentally hits the bush that Pontanosuke was inside; which angers the girls and with their new found strength they use Extreme Luminario to defeat it. Black grabs Pontanosuke and checks him, deeming it to be alright.


The boy is out

Rina arrives with Shiho and tearfully releases Pontanosuke back to the forest. They watch as an adult raccoon arrives and reunites with it's baby. Shiho decides with this, they should go and get something to eat, offering to treat everyone. Nagisa recalls what she had wished to say suddenly and makes a comment about friendship; but a fight breaks out between her and Mepple after he insults her for it. Wishun is able to stop them and mentions how close the truth is now.

Meanwhile, the boy in the mansion is shown to finally be away from it, outside, enjoying his new found freedom.

Main Events

  • The sixth Heartiel, Wishun, appears for the first time
  • The mysterious boy finally leaves the mansion without telling the Guardians.





Secondary Characters



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