Invitation to a Dream World!? One-Night Journey Into Darkness (夢の世界へご招待!?一泊二日闇の旅 "Yume no Sekai Hego Shōtai!? Ippaku Futsuka Yami no Tabi"?), dubbed Sleepover Nightmare in the English dub, is the 40th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 40th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Honoka invites her friends to spend the night at her place while her grandmother is away, but the Seeds of Darkness find out and take advantage of the situation by plunging them into a living nightmare.


Honoka's grandmother informs Honoka of her weekend plans of meeing with an old friend and going on a trip. She suggests that Honoka invites some friends over for the weekend so that she won't be alone and worry less.

The next day, Nagisa thinks about the recent attack from the Seeds of Darkness when Honoka calls her to bring up what occured the prior day, then asks if she would like to spend Saturday at her place. Nagisa happily agrees before commenting on how perfect the timing is, because now she has to spend her weekends studying since failing her mid-term exam. She decides to let her parents know by saying they will be holding a study session, and Honoka reminds her to grab her study books- although Nagisa is forced to tell her it's only an excuse because nobody studies during a sleepover. Excited by the fun weekend awaiting her, Nagisa begins to shout and wish for Saturday to arrive faster.

Meanwhile, at the Mansion of Darkness, the Butler Zakenna brings tea to their masters - with Zakenna A carrying cups and Zakenna B carrying the teapot with hot tea. Zakenna B accidentally pours a single droplet of hot water onto Zakenna A's head and it begins to freak out; destroying teacups and running around as B tries to apologize. They begin to bicker until Hidehiko yells at them, then they quickly begin to clean and bow in apology; just for B to repeat the incident from a moment ago and spill hot water onto A, but this time they rush from the room. Hidehiko begins his discussion of Light and Darkness. For Darkness to be complete, they need the Prism Stones. Guardian tells him to just forget about it, because Pretty Cure will continue to protect them.


Rina heard someone say "popo"

Meanwhile, Honoka is busy cleaning up when the doorbell rings. She opens the door to find Nagisa, Shiho, Rina and Yuriko, the science club president. As the girls pet Chuutaro, they explain that they tagged along to see what Honoka's house looked like. Yuriko then points out that Nagisa invited them to come along, and Honoka agrees to the sudden addition and allows everyone to stay.

Nagisa decides to put Mipple, Mepple, and Pollun elsewhere and tells them to be quiet. They transform to their real forms and begin to get cuddly until Pollun begins to cry after changing into his normal form. He wants to play with someone and finds Chuutaro just outside, who has started to bark.

Outside, Honoka reveals a storage shed that the girls did not expect to see; especially since they never saw one before. Chuutaro runs by with Pollun riding on him and as the girls see this, they freeze after the other three comment on seeing the odd sight. Honoka claims they just imagined it, but Rina points out that she heard someone say "popo", causing Nagisa to quickly claim that Chuutaro said that. Yuriko points out that a dog cannot say that, so to change the subject Honoka quickly brings up dinner and how she thought it would be fun to work on it together. Everyone returns inside before leaving for the nearby shop to pick up the needed ingredients.

There, Rina and Yuriko check out a variety of recipes they have on hand and try to figure out what to do; carrots are fairly expensive but the recipe calls for them. As this goes on, Honoka explains to Shiho how to figure out if a product is good or not, she also decides they should get some onion to try to help Nagisa get over her hatred of them. They turn to find Nagisa missing, then spot her having run off to purchase some sweets for the party.

At home, Nagisa watches the others to see what they are doing. She asks Yuriko, who is making sweet and sour pork not to put any onion in it, but Yuriko claims they serve a value with pork and they will make her eat them. Nagisa approaches Shiho to find her making cupcakes, then to Rina, who is making potato salad. When asked what she is doing, Nagisa is quick to claim that she is cheering for them all to do their best, then Honoka reminds her that she needs to help out too. Nagisa is quick to tell her that she is a bad cook, but Honoka believes that learning to cook is important for Nagisa and has Nagisa cut the peels from the potato.

This ends as well as expected, with the peels bigger than the remnants of potato, then she cuts her finger and has to stop while Honoka gives her a bandage- causing Yuriko to comment on how they have a mother and daughter bond.

Later, everyone is eating; with Nagisa doing most of it. She compliments the food Honoka made, along with the other three, and Honoka explains that her grandmother taught her the recipe. Rina then teases her by saying she can understand why boys are so into her, she is smart, good at chores, and even cute. They ask Honoka if she likes anyone but she claims that she does not; although she can't help but think about Kiriya again.

By now everyone has taken off as it was too sudden to ask them to spend the night and they weren't prepared. Mipple and Mepple are sleeping at their hiding location, and Pollun has fallen asleep inside Chuutaro's kennel. Nagisa tries to make conversation with Honoka but she is too busy with her own thoughts. They recall the various things that occured to them since they met and became Pretty Cure. How it happened, how they hardly spoke to each other despite being in the same class, then when they turned into Cure Black and Cure White they met Mepple and Mipple, and later Pollun. They recalled the time they got into a dispute and how Nagisa told Honoka off, and she stops to apologize for this, though Honoka claims it to be fine since they became true friends after that event. They traveled to the Garden of Light and the Dotsuku Zone, they met many new people, like the Queen and Elder. Honoka even recalls meeting Kiriya, but they go silent until Nagisa asks her if she wants to see him again. Honoka admits that she is unsure, because she wants to, but at the same time she does not. Nagisa claims that no matter what happens she

Belzei appears in the girl's dream

will remain by her side.

As this goes on, Belzei Gertrude appears in the sky. Pollun and Chuutaro wake up to spot him as the girls suddenly drift off to sleep.

Nagisa dreams she is a princess as Fujimura arrives on a white horse and he asks her out on a date. She comments on how it is like a dream, and when he tells her it is, he tells her that they should go on their date now and rides off, causing Nagisa to give chase. 

Honoka dreams of an experiment beneath a tree. It explodes but showers her in flower petals, not smoke. She is quickly able to realize this is a dream and spots Nagisa running, so she quickly joins her to ask why she is in her dream. Nagisa points out that they may be having the same dream and Fujimura returns, transforming into Belzei Gertrude. He started attacking the girls and they run, as they are unable to transform without Mepple and Mipple in their dream.

Meanwhile, Chuutaro and Pollun were trying to open the doors to the girls' bedroom and Pollun panics.


Honoka is ready to transform

With the power of light he transports Mepple and Mipple to them, allowing the girls to successfully transform into Pretty cure. They make an attempt to fight him but he is remarkably stronger than usual and he claims it is because they are in his own world of Darkness. They attempt to use Marble Screw and he vanishes, leaving a tired Pollun to change back into his commune form as Chuutaro licks him.

As the girls rest, Mipple and Mepple are shown to rest with them, with everyone holding hands.





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