Glittering Tears! Pouring Sweat! A Chaotic Wedding!! (涙キラ!汗がタラ!結婚式は大騒動!! "Namida Kira! Ase ga Tara! Kekkonshiki wa Ōsōdō!!"?), dubbed Patching It Up in the English dub, is the 39th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 39th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Miss Yoshimi surprises the class by revealing that she will be getting married and to celebrate, the class works on a handmade present for her and setting up the wedding sight. But with the Dark Seeds after them, will they be able to finish everything by the time of the Wedding?



Yoshimi announcing her wedding

Nagisa is late for class and to her surprise, their teacher, Yoshimi decides to overlook it. Rina and Shiho comment that she has been acting strange that day, when she goes on to reveal that she is getting married; causing everyone a great deal of shock. Then they start to imagine her in a wedding gown.

Meanwhile, at the Mansion of Darkness, Ryuichiro and Hidehiko play chess. Hidehiko wins and Shouko comments on Pollun and questions him as Guardian rests, mentally thinking for the girls to protect Pollun. 

As this goes on, Pollun is shown jumping up and down on Nagisa's bed until he falls off, reverting to commune form.

During lunch, Nagisa thinks about the recent attack when she and Honoka followed Ryouta to make sure he got to their dads office alright. She gets distracted after everyone else starts to voice their concerns over losing Yoshimi-sensei, since her fiance is being transferred overseas. Nagisa and Honoka are unable to hide their own curiousity and ask Yoshimi, with her informing them that her soon-to-be-husband understands that her teaching job means a lot to her, and they will be able to see each other during their time apart. She also sees an advantage to it as she won't have to deal with complaints if she is too busy or tired to cook or clean the house. As the girls share a laugh, she is congratulated by the Principal and Vice Principal.

Nagisa and Honoka run back to class to inform the other girls about the news, and with relief, everyone starts chatting about a gift. They want to include everyone in the class, and they suggest it should be handmade to make it more special, but this leaves the girls to wonder if there is anything they could all contribute.

At the Yukishiro household the girls explain a wedding ceremony to Mepple and Mipple. Nagisa explains in full detail that it is mainly about eating and a great cake, but Honoka explains that it is a ceremony for two to share their eternal love and make a pact to spend their lives together. Mepple and Mipple find this very romantic and indulge in their own romance, but Honoka recalls how Yoshimi responded and brings it up to Nagisa. She looked happy when she was explaining the situation between herself and her fiance, but she believes that deep down she is also worried. Nagisa brings up how Honoka's parents are always away overseas, and Honoka mentions that she still misses them, even with Chuutaro and her grandmother being with her.

Nagisa decides that she may be feeling lonely, so the best thing to do would be to give her as much support as they can. It's then a small pillow is tossed into the air and Nagisa catches it, recalling that it isn't familar. Honoka reveals it was a gift from her mother and is styled like an american quilt, which inspires Nagisa for a class handmade gift. She asks Honoka if a quilt would be possible, and when she agrees to it they get to work informing everyone else. 

The following day, the girls all meet up in the sewing room and get to work. Everyone has provided scraps and pieces of cloth Honoka suddenly brings up how she misses her parents and Nagisa spots a patched up cushion, giving her an idea to make a quilt. While Mayu, from Art Club came up with a design as two other students went to the Library to get some books on quilting. Kyouko and Natsuko then begin to act like Pretty Cure by saying they have experience in sewing and tell the other girls to ask questions if they have any, but when they perform the pose and catchphrase, Nagisa and Honoka are left shocked momentarily until their teacher steps into the room.

She asks them why they are still there, so Nagisa quickly lies and claims that they were practicing a new Samba dance. While confused, Yoshimi buys the excuse and she goes out to leave, but not before reminding the girls that they will have to leave before the school gate closes. In the hallway she thinks about their odd behavior.

Rie shows Nagisa the right technique of sewing

At home, Nagisa continues to practice her sewing but struggles until her mom comes in. She explains what she was trying to do and Rie steps in to help her daughter, showing Nagisa a sewing technique and how to move her hand. Nagisa is pleased by the results and asks her mom which one of her parents proposed first, but instead of answering, her mom gets embaressed and tells Nagisa to get to bed soon, then takes off. Nagisa remarks how cute her mother behaved and gets distracted as she imagines marrying Fuji-pi. 

The next day at School the girls continue to work as they are reminded that they only have one more day to go. They comment on how nice it looks, only to share a laugh as Nagisa realizes she accidentally sewed her skirt to the quilt. Honoka points out that they are almost done and the girls resume working. 

Eventually the day of the wedding arrives. As Yoshimi tries on her wedding dress, Ryuichiro is one of the staff members and prepares the champagne glasses by making a display when he spots Nagisa and Honoka walk by, chatting about the other girls and when they will show up, and if Yoshimi will be surprised. Honoka is sure everything will be fine, and knows the others will come because they love her as much as they do.

The girls head into a room and decide to borrow it for the time being, but they find themselves distracted by the neat little objects and items already there. As they look around Mepple and Mipple remark that they are feeling the Seeds of Darkness nearby and Nagisa happens to spot the large wedding cake- exciting her until Honoka reveals it is a fake. While most people do buy or bake a real cake, sometimes people will hide a real slice in a fake cake in order to avoid having anything happen to it.

Suddenly, Juna attacks and begins to throw various items through the room. The girls run and transform into Pretty Cure. Juna begins to destroy the room, and tosses the quilt that the girls worked hard on into the air, causing them to get very angry. A fight breaks out and the girls run into the hallway in an attempt to get him to leave, saying that he has no reason to ruin or interfere with the wedding since he is only after them. As the fight continues the girls try to get Juna to understand why this is such a big deal- but he will have none of it and continues to fight with them.


Nagisa and Honoka unwrap the quilt to reveal what they have made

As this is going on, the wedding takes place. The vowels and wedding rings are exchanged between the couple.

Fed up, Black and White unleash their Marble Screw attack on Juna and send him flying out of sight, refusing to give up. They watch as the darkness in the room fades and return to normal, suddenly remembering the present.

As Yoshimi and her husband ring the large bell and walk down the steps, Nagisa and Honoka run down the path way and join with their classmates, all together arriving at the bottom of the steps Yoshimi and her Husband stand on as everyone congratulates them. Nagisa and Honoka unwrap the quilt to reveal what they have made, surprising and delighting their teacher. They wrap Yoshimi and her husband in the quilt and continue to congratulate them, asking them to treasure the present.

Yoshimi goes on to reveal that her husband won't be going overseas after all, so she isn't worried or feeling lonely anymore. Everyone cheers as she throws the bouquet, and while Kyouto-sensei almost catches it, the Principal stops him, causing it to bump on the top of his head and land right into Nagisa's hands. The other girls clap for her as she stares in surprise, then runs up and pose while exclaiming her delight in getting it.





Secondary Characters


  • As Cure Black watches Juna toss their present into the air, her left forelock is skin-colored, and not orange like her hair.


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