It Takes Guts! Ryota's Great Errand Strategy (ガッツでGO!亮太のお使い大作戦 "Guts de GO! Ryōta no Otsukai Daisakusen"?), dubbed Ryan's Solo Mission in the English dub, is the 38th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 38th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Ryouta is tasked with locating his and Nagisa's fathers Office by himself. To make sure he is okay the girls decide to follow after him.


One calm, sunday afternoon Nagisa thinks back to the previous episode while brushing her teeth. Her father calls to inform them that he forgot something, which surprises her. 

Later on, Honoka shows up and Nagisa explains that she can't go shopping now because their dad forgot something, so she has to go deliver it. While Honoka understands, Nagisa asks Ryouta to watch over the house but he offers to go in her place. Nagisa comments that he's never been to the office before, but he claims he will be fine, causing Nagisa to tease him by saying that he is only showing courage because of Honoka.

Soon the time comes for Ryouta to leave. Nagisa has given him some instructions and left something in his backpack pocket while explaining how he can get to the Office. He heads out and right after, the girls decide to follow after him in order to ensure he will be fine.

Meanwhile, at the mansion of darkness, the seeds of darkness express an interest in Pollun. At first Wisdom worries but he is quick to rid of his concerns. To find out more, Shouko decides to go and check things out. 


Nagisa and Honoka watching Ryouta

During this time Ryouta is preparing for the train, but he boards the wrong train. The girls step on and Nagisa tells Mipple and Mepple to do some love chatting to help him. They discuss their plans to go to the stop that Ryouta needs to be going on, but they took the wrong train so they will be getting off of the next stop and can take the train on the right to get there. This helps Ryouta while the two mascots complain about not being able to say "-mipo" and "-mepo", since it's really tiring trying not to speak like that. Pollun suddenly appears afterwards and surprises Nagisa while he speaks one of his predictions. He mentions "next door is darkness", causing Nagisa to worry that one of the bad guys may be near Ryouta.

They look and spot a strange man that looks like Ryuichiro. But when he sneezes his glasses fall off, revealing him to just be an average, normal man.

Meanwhile, Nagisa's mom tells their dad what is going on. He tells her that as Ryouta's parents they shouldn't get involved since he may try to contact them later.

Ryouta steps off of the train and tries to buy some orange juice but he realizes he's lost the paper. Nagisa is quick to make an announcement saying that MIsumi Sagai-san's company is located by the third exit to the right. Ryouta heads in that direction but bumps into an older woman. She asks him about the Post Office and he admits that he doesn't know where it is, but he helps her out by carrying her bags. 

At the office Nagisa's father begins to worry, as Ryouta is late. 

Ryouta is able to help the older woman find the Post Office but he realizes that he has gotten lost again. But he remembers seeing Nagisa slip something into his backpack and he takes it out to see that it is an album full of coins. It had been her savings and he sees a note with it, explaining that if he gets lost he can use the money to catch a cab and ask the driver to get to the office. With no further option, Ryouta does just that, but he is accidentally taken to the wrong building after he tells the driver the incorrect address. He steps into the nearby elevator while the girls follow him and he pushes a button to take him up to the twenty-seventh floor, where their dad is. 


Shouko decides to check Pollun out

The girls follow him up and Pollun repeats the prediction, causing Mepple to mention that he has a bad feeling all of the sudden. The elevator suddenly stops and they spot Shouko, who asks for something before transforming into Regine again. The girls change into Pretty Cure and she summons a Zakenna for them to fight.

It catches White and Black tries to protect Pollun but almost falls from the window on the ninth floor. But White is able to free herself and she saves Black as the Zakenna catches them both.

Meanwhile, Ryouta spots his dad at the other building and panics realizing how late he is.

The Zakenna starts to light the red and hot light as Pollun sent the girls Rainbow Bracelets. They are able to free themselves and use Rainbow Stormand they defeat the Zakenna and make Regine back away. 

Ryouta is able to deliver the papers to their father afterwards. He is unaware of the girls watching him, although their father spots them hiding.

Later, at the dinner table, everyone compliments Ryouta for doing well and their dad silently thanks Nagisa for the help. She happens to spot her savings on the table, along with a note from Ryouta. In it, he explains that it would have been too scary had he spent her money on anything, but he was happy and appreciates the gesture. Nagisa returns to the table afterwards and he starts to tease her by saying if she eats so much she would get fat. But before anything can happen, their dad begins to make silly jokes.  





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