Reach For Freedom! Stone Keeper's Desperate Great Escape (自由を掴め! 番人決死の大脱走 "Jiyū wo Tsukame! Bannin Kesshi no Daidassō"?), dubbed Guardian's Great Escape in the English dub is the 36th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 36th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Wisdom uses a chance to escape from the Mansion of Darkness. Meanwhile, Mepple and Mipple get into another arguement after Mepple makes Pollun cry. 


At the Dotsuku Zone, Evil King reminds everyone that in order to rule the Earth they need the power of the stones. Belzei Gertrude assures that they will be getting it very soon. 

Meanwhile, at the Mansion of Darkness, Butler Zakenna are busy cleaning the house. The tiny and smarter one, Zakenna Butler A is cleaning while the big and goofy Zakenna Butler B is eating bread and leaving a mess on the floor. A begins to scold B for slacking off but he says that he was only told to watch over the Prism Stone Guardian. Wisdom asks for some water and B rushes off to get it until A stops him and they begin an arguement. Wisdom calls them useless (which the Macaw repeats), resulting in A beating the cage with his broom.

As this is going on, Honoka and Nagisa are doing their Science Homework, which involves collecting Weather Maps. Nagisa recalls what happened with Hasekura-kun when he dumped her for her Pretty Cure form. But her thoughts are interrupted after Mipple and Mepple see a newspaper with a picture of flowers. They read over it to reveal that Daffodils have been growing out of season and Mepple comments on how pretty they are, though he claims Mipple is much prettier. Just as they try to get lovey-dovey, Pollun appears and asks Mepple for a Piggy-Back Ride. Mepple refuses, and Pollun starts to cry, causing Mipple to get angry with him and offer to give Pollun the ride herself.

After the homework is finished, the two mascots are still angry at each other. Mepple claims he doesn't need to apologize since he didn't do anything wrong, but Mipple tells him that he should be watching what he says to others. When Pollun suddenly says "flowers" they get distracted momentarily.

Meanwhile, at the mansion of darkness, Widsom thinks about how he can get free. He starts to blow bird seeds on the ground and A begins cleaning. He tells B to teach the Macaw a lesson and he opens the cage, causing the bird to bite his finger and he drops the cage, letting Wisdom make a break for it. A tries to grab Wisdom while he is by the window, but Wisdom uses this against them by using A's shoulder to escape.

When everyone returns, both Zakenna apologize and Hidehiko decides that he will go and re-capture Wisdom, commenting that this momentary freedom shall only raise his despair. 

Wisdom continues to run away when he feels Pollun's presence. He communicates with everyone using Pollun's alternate form and tells them that he got out of the house, going on to reveal the forest he currently finds himself in when he notices blooming flowers.

Pollun reminds the girls of the article they were looking at earlier regarding the Daffodils blooming in Fall, instead of their usual Spring. But Wisdom happens to see the Butler Zakenna and they find the flowers before seeing him. Just before they can capture him, Pollun is able to feel the presence and leads the girls to him.

The girls spot the Butler Zakenna and B mentions that they had been with the other three while the sky starts to darken. Roots from the ground have grabbed ahold of Pollun and Wisdom and thunder strikes the nearby tree, slicing it half.


Belzei smashes the Marble Screw

As the smoke is clearing, Belzei Gertrude appears and the girls transform into Pretty Cure. He moves the trees to use this area for their battlefield and states that he can move the location of the mansion anywhere he wants, but if the girls are defeated it wont be necessary. Black and White started fighting him but he proves to be too strong- even as they use Marble Screw, he smashes it with no effort and Pollun begins to cry from fright. He asks to be let go as Mepple claims that he will reveal the location if he releases everyone. Belzei uses the thunder to manipulate Mepple into talking and lifts Black into the air to speak to him. He threatens to smash Mepple and Pollun uses this to send Sparkle Bracelets to the cures, allowing them to resume fighting and use Rainbow Storm. Belzei Gertrude tries to repel the move but it provides too strong.

As the battle goes on the Butler Zakenna catch Wisdom.

After the battle, the sky returns to normal and the forest started moving, resulting in the girls being at the same spot they started again. Pollun thanks Mepple for protecting him and Mepple claims that it is fine, although he did cause problems for Nagisa. She claims it to be okay though, and Honoka compliments him. Mipple then says that Mepple is the chosen hero after all and kisses him, causing him to blush. Pollun also wishes to kiss him but Mepple isn't very happy over this. 

Major Events

  • The Butler Zakenna who serve the mansion are introduced.
  • The Pretty Cure find the mansion when Wisdom tries to escape, but he is recaptured and both the mansion and forest move to a new location.





Secondary Characters


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