Is This a Date? Tumultuous Happy Birthday (これってデート?怒涛のハッピーバースデー "Kore tte Dēto? Dotō no Happī Bāsudē"?), dubbed You Call this A Date? in English dub, is the 35th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 35th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nagisa's birthday arrives and she is asked out by a popular basketball player. Unable to reject him she agrees to go on a date with him while trying to find a way to let him down.


Honoka is busy packing her books when she overhears Rina and Shiho ask Nagisa things regarding her birthday. Nagisa thinks about what she wants and imagines Fujimura Shougo. But when she starts to hit her head on the desk, saying it is impossible, the two girls are somewhat nervous and leave while trying to think of what to buy for her.

Meanwhile at the antagonist Mansion, the three seeds of Darkness begin conversing regarding the power of Pretty Cure an what abilities they gain from Pollun. They comment on how hard they are to fight due to it.

Approaching school Nagisa thinks about the recent fights as Pretty Cure when she meets up with Rina and Shiho. They give her a present and they spot a fellow student, Hasekura Kazuki, at the gates waiting for someone. Nagisa admits to having not heard of him before, so they explain to her how popular and handsome he is. They believe that because he is at the Girls Gate, he must be waiting for a girl to confess to him.

He starts to approach them, causing Rino and Shiho to become excited, hoping he may be coming to confess to one of them, but to everyone's surprise, Kazuki comes and admits that he was waiting for Nagisa. He admits to having feelings for her and asks if she would like to go on a date with him, but before Nagisa can answer they happen to see a bunch of other students approach, having heard

Honoka and Pollun

that the basketball player star is in love with the Lacrosse Star. 

Later on, Nagisa and Honoka meet on the roof. Honoka asks what happened with Kazuki and Nagisa comments on how shocked she was. She had been embarrassed over what he said, and unable to answer him she ran away. She then asks Honoka for help, trying to determine what she can do about him, since she does not feel anything for him. Honoka suggests that Nagisa can reject him, but it may hurt him. 

Serious Nagisa

At the end of school Nagisa waits for Kazuki. She is just about to tell him when he interrupts to tell her that they can go to pick chestnuts in the mountain the following day. She is unable to say anything as the bus soon arrives after and Honoka approaches to mention the date once more. 

Unable to sleep, Nagisa spends the evening in the kitchen to prepare bento for their date. In the process she causes herself many injuries. The following morning she drops Pollun off at Honoka's place, to make sure he will be safe and she asks Honoka to come with her. She rejects the offer however, causing Nagisa to show dismay and leave. Worried over Nagisa, Honoka decides to try to come up with some way of helping her.

Nagisa waits for Kazuki, deep down hoping he won't show up, but just when she thinks he isn't coming, he appears behind her, much to her shock, and reveals he bought them bento. While disappointed, Nagisa decides not to mention that she spent all night working on some and they get onto the bus. There Kazuki gives Nagisa a soda to drink and she is very nervous over how to reject his feelings. She decides to wait until after their trip while she drinks her soda, unaware of the disguised Honoka watching from the back of the bus. 

At the mountains, Nagisa and Kazuki observe the trees and see many chestnuts covering them. While they have fun picking the chestnuts and had a gathered many, Kazuki voices his confidence in knowing that Nagisa would have a great time, then he comments on how she is full of spirit and admits to liking girls like that, causing Nagisa to blush.

Behind a chestnut tree, Honoka is still spying on them and worries over Nagisa, seeing as she seems to be swaying on whether or not she likes Kazuki.

Nagisa suddenly recalls her plans of rejecting Kazuki but just when she tries to, she fails and runs off to grab them some juice. Kazuki trails behind her to try to locate her, but is unable to find the hiding Nagisa, who panics over what to do until Honoka sees her. She tries to encourage Nagisa on telling Kazuki the truth and hides again as he happens to locate her. Nagisa tries once again to tell him the truth, but a gust of wind carries the fallen chestnuts up and turns them into a Zakenna. Kazuki grabs Nagisa's hand and makes a run for it when Juna appears to "push" Nagisa and Kazuki so that they hit the ground. Kazuki is knocked unconscious and Nagisa makes sure he is okay before angrily telling Juna that Kazuki had nothing to do with this.

She and Honoka transform into Pretty Cure and they go after Juna, but the Zakenna defends him. It attacks the girls by rolling it's spiked shelled body, causing the girls to run form it. They see Kazuki in the way and Cure Black tries to pick him up and get him to safety while Cure White tries to get her, but the rolling Zakenna gets them. However, they miraculously ride on top of the Zakenna instead of being crushed by it's spikes. For a moment Kazuki awakens, then passes out again after he sees Cure Black. She puts him in a safe spot and together destroys the chestnut Zakenna by using Marble Screw. While they unleash the attack Kazuki awakens to see Cure Black again commenting that he has found the true girl he was looking for. But as he tries to get up to see them, he trips over and by the time he looks they have vanished. 

Nagisa is slightly angry

The two continue to gather chestnuts and both seem to want to say something. But Kazuki goes first and reveals that he already had found the girl he likes, before apologizing for bringing Nagisa there and kindly rejecting her. Nagisa is slightly angry, but cools down really quick before admitting her own intention of rejecting him. So she too apologizes.

Kazuki thanks Nagisa for coming and mentions that he had a great time, then he goes off to search for the girl with black clothing. Nagisa yells to him to ask about what she should do with the chestnuts and he responds by telling her that she can drop them off at the

Honoka glaring at Kazuki

Reception Center.

Honoka comes by to comment on Kazuki, saying that he was free and easy-going this whole time until the date ended. Nagisa turns to ask her who she was referring to, causing Honoka to say that Cure Black left a stronger impression on him, despite she and Nagisa being the same person. Mepple appears and claims that Kazuki dumped Nagisa over his love at first sight with Black, then mocks Nagisa, causing her to get angry.


Honoka calls Nagisa weird

At the bus station Honoka reminds Nagisa of her birthday and Nagisa claims she forgot before complaining that nothing great happened. Suddenly, Fujipi spots the two girls and approaches them, causing Nagisa to get flustered as Honoka tells him that it was her birthday. He wishes Nagisa a happy birthday and takes off, leaving Nagisa to feel very happy and claiming to have gotten what she wanted- to see his smile and see him happy. Honoka asks whatever happened to the food Nagisa made for the date afterwards and Nagisa says nothing, only to find Pollun inside of the bag eating the bento. He comments that the rice balls she made all had candy in them and Honoka is in disbelief upon hearing this. Nagisa then states that she did it as a "sure-fire" way to make Kazuki reject her, so Honoka calls her weird.  

Major Events

  • Nagisa celebrates her birthday by going on a chestnut gathering date with Hasekura Kazuki, whom she rejects.





Secondary Characters


  • There was a scene in the preview that did not appear in the actual episode.


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