Nagisa Breaks Away! The Blazing 'Gachinko' Relay (なぎさぶっちぎり!炎のガチンコリレー "Nagisa Bucchigiri! Honō no Gachinko Relay"?), dubbed Running On Empty in the English dub, is the 34th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 34th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


An upcoming rely race is approaching and Nagisa is put against Yuka. With both girls expected to win, which side will be victorious?


Honoka is busy doing an experiment while Nagisa trains for relay. Shiho comments on how the class has been split into two teams, one white, and one pink; but sadly she is the only one of their friends put onto the opposite team. As Nagisa's turn approaches Yuka observes her.

Meanwhile, the Seeds of Darkness are drinking tea. Shouko says (and later shouts) that she will be putting an end to this once and for all.

The next day, the girls are practicing again when Nagisa happens to spot Fujipi-senpai, causing her to accidentally turn the wrong way. A boy near Fujipi looks interested in her while Yuka states that for the honor of being the Madonna of Verone academy, she can't let Nagisa win.

Meanwhile, Mipple and Mepple are watching the relay from the window. Mepple and Mipple make an attempt to get all lovey-dovey, but they are interrupted when Pollun steps in. He wants them to play with him, but when they refuse he decides to participate in the relay himself and goes outside of the window. They follow after him but he stops upon seeing another vision and says "ouch".


Girls are ready for the relay

Afterwards, Nagisa goes to wash her face and makes conversation with Honoka when Yuka comes by- only to take off after Nagisa tells her that she has no intention of losing. This makes her think that Yuka must hate her for sure, but Honoka still does not think so, claiming that Yuka probably just wants her o b a good rival, and Nagisa finds this reasonable and decides to trust her theory. After finishing they take off, unaware that Shouko was approaching the sink.

Meanwhile, Pollun is walking when he falls into a box with bags. A bunch of first graders are performing a bag toss and someone grabs Pollun by the tail and throws him into a basket.

During lunch, Honoka notices that Mipple is missing. She tells Nagisa, who also notices that Mepple and Pollun are gone too. They leave to look for them when they jump out of a nearby shoe locker and tell the girls to hurry up and find Pollun before they get into trouble.

While they look for Pollun they are distracted by a sound they hear. They find Shouko playing the piano in the nearby room and she nicely asks them her usual request. When they refuse, she transforms into Regine and begins to throw all of the desk around before asking again.

Nagisa and Honoka try to close the fire door

The girls transform into Pretty Cure and she summons a Zakenna using the piano. The girls try to close the fire door but fail when it burns up quickly. Then they try to make their way to the roof but the Zakenna climbs through. So with nothing left they continue to fight back, but Black struggles from a lack of energy, having used it all earlier and not eating lunch. The Zakenna shoots wires from it's mouth and after it traps Pretty Cure, it begins to attack them. 

Meanwhile, when Pollun sees a red bag he begins to have another vision. He sends his power to Pretty Cure and they are able to defeat the Zakenna by using Rainbow Storm.

Nagisa returns just in time for the race and she just manages to score the win for her team. A surprised Yuka comes by to exchange greetings with Nagisa, but she recalls having not eaten yet so she makes it quick. Then with Honoka, the two girls head back to the Piano room to enjoy their lunch in peace.

Major Events

  • Hasekura Kazuki develops a crush on Nagisa, leading into the next episode.





Secondary Characters


  • This is Yuka's second major appearance in the season.


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