Get the Victory! Find the Path of Light With Your Heart!! (Vゲット!心でつなげ光のパスライン!! "V Getto! Kokoro Detsunage Hikari no Pasurain!!"?), dubbed Teamwork Saves The Day in the English dub, is the 33rd episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 33rd episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Feeling down after she misses a shot during Lacrosse practice, Shiho decides to quit the team. 


Nagisa and others are playing lacrosse. Shiho has the ball and Nagisa asks her to pass it to her, but before she does, Shiho begins to think about a previous time when another girl from another team caught the ball. After Nagisa snaps her out of it, Shiho wrongly aims and Nagisa misses it. Rina approaches her to ask if she is still thinking about the match from last week and Shiho claims it was a long time ago. Rina tells her that it they can't afford to lose another match, but Shiho begins to think that it is her fault and an arguement breaks out until Nagisa stops them.

Meanwhile, at the Dotsuku Zone, Evil King is showing his power for the three seeds of darkness. At the mansion of darkness, Shouko remembers that thing with horror, and Ryuichiro says that they must get the power of the stones, and fast. Hidehiko tells them not to hurry though. 

Later, at Akane's takoyaki stand, Nagisa and Rina are eating takoyaki. Akane-san comes by to ask where Shiho is and Nagisa wonders if she found a boyfriend, but Rina claims she just feels upset over the shot she missed last week. She has been practicing by herself after school and since it is her own problem, she doesn't want any help. Nagisa is hardly concerned, saying that everyone is capable of missing a shot or two, but Rina is more understanding since they got along greatly when they began to play Lacrosse. They wanted to become regular players like Nagisa and were delighted to get on the team during the second year of middle school. Nagisa goes on to say she likes Shiho's passes, since they convey her intentions and they feel easy to catch.

Meanwhile at school, Honoka is on her way out when she sees Shiho practicing alone. She hit all the bottles with the ball and continues to practice late into the night. Before she leaves however, Shiho happens to hear some underclassmen discussing her, saying that they don't know what will happen during the next match since she's been worrying so much, along with some crueler words. Shiho quickly takes off and thinks about things as she gets home, causing her to start crying.

The next morning, Rina is late to practice and she spots Shiho by the lockers. She wants to practice with her, but after Shiho refuses they start arguing again. Rina accuses Shiho of lacking confidence and tells her that if she plans to stay like this she should just quit, causing Shiho to remark that she just might. After Nagisa appears, having been running late, Shiho takes this chance to run from them. 

Later on, Honoka is on the roof when she notices Rina worrying over something. She is able to deduce that she got into a fight with someone, then asks if she said something that she didn't mean to. She recalls the fight she and Nagisa got into a long while back, claiming to understand how Rina feels.

While Nagisa packs her items Pollun asks her to play again. But suddenly he reverts to his commune form and Nagisa hears Elder's voice. He tells her that Evil King was revived and tells them to protect Pollun before someone calls at the door. Pollun hides between some toys and Shiho comes in, having came over to inform her that she will be quitting Lacrosse. She is sure it's her fault they lose so much lately, so she is sure they might sand a chance now, and while Nagisa tries to convince her not to do anything extreme by reminding her that it's more imporant to have fun and play together, she has made up her mind by now.

The next day, Nagisa decides that they have to win for Shiho's sake. Kyouto-sensei appears and tell the girls the same thing before the girls happen to notice a girl with red hair being teased by her teammates. The ball comes near Nagisa and the girl, Youko, asks if she can have a picture with Nagisa. When she agrees to it, Youko runs off to grab her camera. Mipple uses this moment to tell Honoka that she thinks something is wrong while she watches Nagisa and Youko go off to a private location.

Curious, Nagisa asks where they are going, since they are taking longer then she assumed they would. Then Youko quietly mentions her plans of fighting Nagisa before transforming into Regine, but with a suspicious Honoka having followed them, she tosses Mepple over to Nagisa and they transform into Pretty Cure. Following this Juna shows up to fight with Regine, causing Black to start worrying since she doesn't have the time for this with her game starting soon.

The Lacrosse team captain decides to have Shiho hold Nagisa's place in the game until she can return. 

As the girls try fighting Regine and Juna, Pollun suddenly awakens and starts to cry, causing a new power to awaken in the girls to allow them to use Rainbow Storm and successfully chase Juna and Regine away. They change back to normal and hurriedly run back to school.

Nagisa manages to score a point and Rina passes the ball to Shiho. She is blocked and has to pass the ball and makes an attempt to pass it to Nagisa until she remembers what happened the last time. She looks away before passing the ball and luckily Rina catches it. She passes it again to Shiho and encourages her to pass it to Nagisa, knowing she can believe in her. Shiho successfully passes it and just as Nagisa was about to shoot she finds her path blocked until one of light suddenly appears, causing her to make a sudden pass to Shiho, who uses this to score a point and allowing Verone Academy to take another win.

Everyone congratulates Shiho for a job well done and she goes to apologize to Rina, who does the same before they both start crying. Shiho then thanks Nagisa and Rina for being such great friends to her. 

Later, at home, Mepple and Pollun sleep between the toys. After Pollun happens to remark on his prediction, Nagisa begins to think about the path of light he mentioned and wonders if it was the same one that she saw. 

Major Events

  • Pollun reveals he can release the power of the Rainbow Braces from far away without being near the Cures.





Secondary Characters



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