Cheer Pollun Up! Special Carnival (ポルンを励ませ! とっておきのカーニバル "Porun o Hagemase! Totteoki no Kānibaru"?), dubbed Cheer Up Porun in the English dub, is the 32nd episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 32nd episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Realizing how lonely and sad Pollun is, the girls try to find some way of cheering him up. 


As her alarm clock goes off, Nagisa hits a button to turn it off. Pollun awakens and tries to help Nagisa wake up but it doesn't help. Nagisa's mom comes into the room and she tries to wake her up, seemingly successful - although now she is cranky. Ryouta comes inside to return the ruler he borrowed from her, and due to her foul mood, Nagisa begins to cobra twist him. Pollun finds this amusing, but then he starts to whine after Ryouta leaves. He wants to go back to the Garden of Light, but they are unable to discuss it much after Nagisa is called for Breakfast. Pollun tries to wake up Mepple, but he remains asleep. 

Nagisa and Ryouta are shown arguing at the breakfast table.

Pollun slashes the Omupu card and asks him to play, but Ompupu can't, since he's busy preparing meals. Pollun tries to slash other cards to try to convince them to play with him, and at first it works. But after they get too loud Nagisa is forced to quiet them down. 


Angry Pollun

Later, on their way to school, Nagisa and Honoka start talking when Mipple tells them that without the Prism Hopish they are unable to travel between the Garden's of Light and Rainbows. Honoka suggests they ask Pollun about the guardian, and Mipple is sure this will work, but the girls are forced to quit talking after they notice that they are late for school. 

Meanwhile, at the Mansion of Darkness, Ryuichiro, Shouko and Hidehiko try questioning the guardian about the stones, but he claims to not know anything. Shouko then decides she will go to Pretty Cure to find out instead. 

Later, after school, the girls tried asking Pollun about the guardian, but all he can think to bring up is a talking bird. Much to their confusion.

Guardian is shown in the cage with the bird and tries to ask it for help breaking out so that it can get the apples on the nearby table. The bird tries but ends up hurting himself, which Pollun reflects by saying "mouth hurts" and when asked what dinner will be that day, he replies "hamburger". Nagisa then recalls how this was mentioned this morning and she tries to ask about the next days breakfast until Honoka scolds her.

Pollun suddenly spots a magazine with a big rainbow on it, and he tries to use it to go back to the Garden of Light. Honoka asks where he would like to go to cheer up afterwards and he tells them the festival, but Nagisa tries to tell him that the festival has already ended, causing him to start crying. So the girls take him to the location in hopes of showing him this and getting him to calm down. But he just expresses his wanting to return to the Garden of Light again.


Nagisa and Honoka trying to cheer Pollun up

Suddenly, Nagisa gets an idea and takes Pollun to the Amusement Park. They ride the ferris wheel and Nagisa thinks back to what led to them originally becoming Pretty Cure. They hang out for a while longer until Pollun suddenly stops, feeling a dark presence and they see that a Zakenna has possessed the dinosaur carousel. The girls find Shouko and she attempts to ask about the stone before transforming into Regine. She throws Nagisa's bag where Pollun was, causing him to cry.

The girls transform into Pretty Cure and they begin to fight while Regine reveals that they have revived Evil King. She tries to attack Pollun but the girls get angry at this and they tell her that he is their friend, which she calls useless. Pollun watches the battle and starts to cry again, awakening a new power in the girls, giving them Rainbow Bracelets. They used Rainbow Storm and defeated the Zakenna.

The next morning, Pollun awakens Nagisa very early. She is frustrated and asks him why he did this and he simply states that because they are friends, he can ask for selfish things. So he asks to be taken to the Festival again.

Major Events

  • The Cures learn about the Evil King's revival.





Secondary Characters



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